Is Obama's Presidency a good example to follow?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • Yes, but with a twist.

    He at first inherited a mess left over by the Republicans. Then, when he tries to fix it, they stop him and force the focus over to another issue that has no relevance. And even with that, he has still been able to get our economy on the track to recovery.

  • He is driving scandals and military retreat in the worse way!

    Instead of keeping the pressure on terrorist, he has retreated our military and offered concessions for peace. And it was his initiative, to target conservative groups and journalist when he suggested it in his campaign. He has violated the constitutional rights, and his administration are using ugly intimidation tactics to scare people into supporting him. He is manipulating the mainstream media threw media employee family members that work at the white house to isolate his competition and play down the corruption his administration has so clearly blanked our government with. He has bluntly lied to the american people about raising taxes on the middle class. Congress has rejected wholly nearly every bill he tried to pass except for Obamacare, and that has turned disastrous. Gas prices remain as high as can be, medical insurance has sky-rocked, and income tax returns are scheduled to get penalized by his Obamacare law. His law will reduce the return amounts for millions of Americans begin 2014. Every government official he has appointed has been asked to resign for their corruption. Obama has lost all honor, credibility, and has completely lost the meaning of being a true American. The American people deserve a better president. Hands down!

  • Worst President Yet

    Do you know that the Arabian people have nothing to be mad at all of us Americans for? Did you know that our Presidents, our "leaders", created some of the terrorist attacks? Like 9/11, done by George Bush; Boston Marathon Bombing; done by Obama to try and pass the gun laws. He isn't the innocent president you think he is. The only good presidents were Lincoln and Kennedy, both were assassinated because they wanted to do some good for the Americans. Well, you see, the government never liked us! This world is messed up and Obama is going to harm the whole American population within a few years. Be prepared.

  • Of course not...

    Take away his actions and everything he has done as president, he would have been a better leader. He has only brought this country down economically and claimed he would bring all race together even though they are more diverse then ever. I cant really think of anything he has done that is really good...

  • Our debt is too big to ignore

    I am a staunch democrat for social reasons. However, this administration cannot afford to keep spending like it does. We are sixteen trillion in debt. That is too far to come back from. Even with extreme austerity it would take at least a decade to get out of the hole that were in now. The concept of spending to accelerate the economy simply does not work. We tried it, it was worth a shot, but the government can't afford to keep giving people money that they don't spend while foreign investors willingly donate to the cause. We are going to be on the wrong side of this when it all comes to a head. There are many ways that it ends, default, war, decline of the dollar is almost inevitable.

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