Is Obama's treatment of whistleblowers unethical?

  • It's way deeper

    The whole Democratic Party is just wrong. The Republican Party has always been wrong. The corruption has gotten blatant and discussing. It is time to put an end to the two party system. Then to end a perfect speech I have to add 17 more useless words that mean nothing

    Posted by: IceT
  • Yes, Obama needs to listen to whistleblowers.

    I liked President Obama when he first took office and still prefer him to a Republican option. However, he is not proving himself to be a president for the people. Whistleblowing can be a matter of conscience and someone who sees problems with the system may feel honor bound to talk about it. Our president should at least listen without threats.

  • Yes, it is.

    Forcing people who expose unethical and immoral spying and such, like Edward Snowden, should not be treated like they are. I communicate with US citizens every day from a different country, and i am extra,ely upset that our private conversations have been read by others whom I don't even know. Those who tell the public what is really going on should be treated better than being forced to leave the country and hide from Obama and his lackeys.

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