Is obesity a bigger global health crisis than hunger?

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  • No, Obesity is Very Often a Choice

    The chances of being obese are much higher or lower based on your genes, but it is still under the control of the individual to eat less and exercise more. On the contrary, hunger is never a choice. Going hungry is far more of an issue than being obese because if you are obese, you don't have to eat, if you are starving, it is because you do not have access to food.

  • No, obesity is not a bigger health crisis than hunger.

    Obesity is not a health crisis, per se. It is a condition brought upon a person through his own actions, and that person knows its effects, which can include diseases like diabetes or conditions like high blood pressure. A person can choose not to be obese by eating fewer calories and being more active. If a person chooses to continue eating more calories than his body needs, then he will be obese. But he has the free will to do this and live his life as he chooses. If he wants the food, that is fine. But he will pay a price, and that price might include a shortened life span. On the other hand, a person is hungry because he does not have enough food. Some people, such as people in African countries and in Communist nations like North Korea, are truly hungry. They might be hungry because of the inability to grow crops, or they might be hungry because a dictator isn't allowing them to have access to food. This is a true crisis, when a person does not have the freedom to work and gather food for himself and his family. Starvation can lead to death. The true crisis is the hunger that exists where people are unable to find enough food to eat, not in a nation like ours where people by their own free can choose to overeat.

  • Can we really be asking this?

    According to the CDC, approximately 300,000 people died last year due to complications of obesity. During that same period, over 15 million people died of hunger. How could anyone, anywhere even think that obesity is now a bigger global health crisis than hunger? This is a very American-centric view of things.

  • No, obesity is not a bigger global health crisis than hunger.

    Yes, people may die from being obese. It certainly causes health problems and leads to diseases that cause death. But do you not what causes death faster? Not eating. It is ridiculous to say that people choosing to stuff their faces is a larger issue than those who have no food. If you are obese, it is your fault. I'm not saying that I dislike you or think less of you because of it, but you have to admit it is your doing. Those that die of starvation do not do so by choice.

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