• Western Diet is Seriously Sickening, Primary Cause of Obesity:

    The Western Diet has too many empty calories (Sugars) and carbohydrates, the human body is not coping with this well and since Western Diets have entered non Western nations, they too have noticed Obesity rising in regions where people have adopted Western food, i.e. McDonalds and Fried Chicken outlets.
    People try to cut down on fats, yet this is often useless as Sugars (all sugars, not just cane sugar) and starches (starches/pastas/bread/grains) all cause the body to produce Fat and fill the fat cells. Thus producing Late Onset Diabetes in younger and younger victims, even children have been diagnosed with late onset Diabetes. Which comes from Obesity.
    It is Definitely a growing problem for the health systems of many nations. Now not only confined to Western nations but spreading globally.

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