• Obesity becoming a problem.

    A lot people are becoming obese these days. They eat too much junk food and they don't exercise enough. Computers encourage people to stay indoors rather than going outside and getting exercise. We should encourage people to do more physical activities before obesity becomes an even larger public health problem.

  • Fast Food Fatties

    I believe that the more and more that people eat out for meals at either McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc., The more and more this country loses one part of itself while the other gains. It not only makes us overweight and obese but the health risks that go along with it. There is cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, asthma, apnea, among others.
    If you take someone that has a parent that is a gourmet chef and knows how to prepare the most difficult dishes and you let that child eat all the french fries, hamburgers, etc from fast food, you're really not helping them and they will not remember how to cook such dishes because of not cooking at all.
    I have been there. I have been that child. My mother was thin, all my sisters were thin and I was the "fatty" in the family. I was the only one that was overweight. I partially blame my parents for not teaching me but really it is no ones fault but my own. I love to eat fast food, pizza, fried chicken among other things.
    Being obese is not fun. Not in the slightest. Think about what you see when you go out somewhere next time. Look at the size, not the face of the people around you. Now picture a very fit athlete who trains for hours a day. Do you see the difference? My children are healthy and strong. They are not fat...yet. I am trying to teach them what is a good meal and the food groups but it is hard when I, myself, do not possess the will power to do it.
    So with the raising obese child rates in this country, I would very much say this is a problem.

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