Is obesity becoming a problem in today's society?

  • Yes leading cause of many illness

    Weight Loss in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness, refers to a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissue. Many people are looking for ways to drop some extra pounds -

  • Obesity is becoming a problem in today's society.

    There is a lot of evidence to suggest that obesity is becoming a problem in today's society.More people than ever are overweight and are exhibiting different types of health problems that are related such as diabetes and joint issues.Until this is under control the society will continue to pay for associated problems.

  • Why isn't it?

    Obesity is such a big problem, people say it is only in the USA but look around you! It is everywhere in the whole world! People are eating more and more, and you wonder why? How much is a cheese burger? 99p and a salad? £1.40! This is why people are obese, they do not want to exercise and they dont want to spend all their money.

  • yes!

    Its not only American its the whole world! People are making stories up like that they don't have enough time, today's society is to fast pasted. they put that image into their heads next thing you know that story has become reality. This is happening over and over again. Its 2012 sweet heart you can make time, we have planes, trains and buses. Point A to B has never been faster.

  • Obesity Causes Many Other Problems

    Americans are becoming more obese by not eating properly and getting more sedentary. It is a growing health problem that needs to be addressed because obesity can lead to more health care costs and more complicated problems later in life. Obesity can lead to heart troubles, diabetes and a host of maladies. Instead of becoming obese, Americans need to stay healthy to prevent health difficulties later.

  • Major Problem

    It has been shown that America is one of the fattest nations there is. I feel it is because of all the food we eat such as fast food. It is just so convienet to run to the drive-thru. Plus it is so expensive to buy healthy foods. I know with how the economy is now, I am looking to save every dollar that I can.

  • Yes, but only in the context of overall health.

    We are all aware that obesity is the result of poor diet and a lack of physical activity. However, that is not to say that obesity is the only result, or even the most significant. Scientific evidence clearly shows a link between poor diet and many degenerative disease, yet there seems to be a sense of apathy towards eating and feeling healthy. I believe a key problem is the popular and inaccurate depiction of a healthy diet as inconvenient and less appealing than the standard American diet (I speak for the U.S more than for other countries). In fact, the very term "diet" is often understood to mean a temporary change in food intake with the goal of losing weight. Far too much emphasis is placed on quantities of calories and carbohydrates, despite how few people truly understand these basic concepts. Indeed, the word "carbohydrate" has even taken on a negative connotation. This is absolutely ridiculous, consdering that carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy, and are the main source of calories in most plant-based foods. While obesity is significant by itself, it cannot be addressed by itself. I believe that a solution to obesity would also help solve heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and the other diseases which plague the world's developed countries. The key to such a solution is to provide the public with unbiased, accurate, and relevant information regarding diet, drug use (pharmaceutical), and overall health. Overall, I think society's problem is one of ignorance and apathy, and not simply obesity.

  • It's Not a Problem

    Obesity is not a problem whatsoever. People get fat every day and it's not any different. We are becoming over populated as it is, so lets just let the obese people die off so that our world can become a better place. Therefore, obesity is not a problem and never will be.

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