Is Occupy Wall Street the Civil Rights Movement of our time?

  • Yes Occupy Wall Street is the Civil Rights Movement of our Time

    Occupy Wall Street was a combination of young and old people, out of work middle class people and students who had big loans to pay and no jobs to pay them. People who had lost their homes through mortgage mismanagement. They were brought together by the fact that they were mad and were not going to take it anymore. They were the other 98%. The people who worked hard or went to school like they were supposed to, yet they had no jobs and some had lost their homes. They were just saying, "Here we are. What are you going to do with us." I believe they brought the focus back to where it should be. On the people who were suffering.

  • They are protesting against greed.

    The protesters who are occupying Wall Street are protesting against corporate greed and corruption. I believe it is the civil rights movement of today because people are non violently protesting the greed and corruption of the one percent. This protest has many different people from different backgrounds that are not limited by race, gender or ethnicity!

  • Occupy Wall Street Is Not a Civil Rights Movement

    Civil rights, by definition, is the right to personal liberties as established by the 13th and 14th amendments to the constitution. Although a subsequent and supportive definition does clearly address the issue of equality amongst citizens as related to economic status, and the rights to have an opportunity to legally attain such an equal status, (regardless of race, or origin), the simplest context of civil rights does not relate to specific areas of economics which is what the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” is. It is not by definition a civil rights movement, therefore it cannot be considered to be such in this generation or any. It is a certainly a defining political and economic issue, but not a civil rights movement.

  • No, the two events are not quite the same.

    While the movement is doing the right thing in protesting greed represented by large corporations, Occupy Wall Street is not the same as the Civil Rights Movement. For one, the movement stirred controversy for little more than a month, the fervor quickly died down. Now the event is barely talked about. The Civil Rights Movement has had a permanent impact on our society. Members of the movement also had to deal with hate from other Americans, and law enforcement. Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have experienced comparatively little backlash.

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