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  • No, Octomom Nadya Suleman is not a good mother.

    No, Octomom Nadya Suleman is not a good mother. The reasons for this are many, but she has made poor life choices and set a bad example for her kids. Purposely taking advantage of the government welfare system, as well as starring in a pornographic film and generally having a bad reputation in the media is going to hurt her children.

  • No, it is impossible to nurture 14 children.

    No, I don't consider Nadya Suleman a good mother. I believe she did not give enough thought to having that many children. It is physically impossible to provide adequate care for that many. It is also impossible to give each child the love and attention that children need. She is also incapable of providing a stable home for herself and her children.

  • No, she is not a good mother.

    Nadya Suleman also known as the Octomom was irresponsible when she decided to give birth to multiple children without a partner or husband many years ago. Now she finds that unless she does things she said she'd never do she can not support them and she is having trouble controlling their behavior and showing love to all of them.

  • The Octomom is not a good mother.

    I believe the Octomom has some kind of mental illness that renders her an unfit parent. She did not have the means to support her children, she is not with her own family, and she has made some questionable choices by appearing in salacious magazines. She seems to be attention seeking and without good judgment. I don't believe she is a good mother.

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