• Odin is the true god.

    There is no evidence that Odin is not, in fact, god, many witnesses can be seen through the centuries of Odins work, such as the witnesses to Odins descent in the human world, however, there are many other evidences of Odins existence, observe the obvious fine tuning of nature, as well as the creation of the universe, we have numerous historical texts that CONFIRM Odins existence, but the greatest evidence is what Odin himself says. Now, here is evidence: get a whiteboard and draw a large circle, then put a dot, that circle represents all of the knowledge in the universe, and the dot represents your knowledge, now, since we know that your dot is miniscule as compared to the universe's knowledge, there is no proof that you have that Odin does not in fact, exist, that is how your belief that Odin is not the One True God is not in any way factual, you have no proof that Odin is not God, and your belief is truly faith-based. Now, why do you reject Odin? Are you afraid of Odins Wrath?

  • Yes, Odin is the one true God.

    My supporting argument stems from the infallible, inspire true word of God, the Thor comicbooks. And in these sacred texts, it says that Odin IS the one true God.

    Since the books are infallible, and written by God, they must be true. Therefore, Odin is God.

    It's a very clear cut case here.

  • Odin the true God

    Odin is the ultimate enemy of Shitan, Saturn, Vishnu. He is the one that will fight Satan at Ragnorok. He represents order out of chaos, Preserve versus destroy. He does not buy into the symbiotic relationship the monotheists have with Satan. Devil kills and Jesus accepts. But the real Jesus is or was a healer. This current Jesus is a man made tulpa, Created by all the evangelists to serve their whims. Jesus the hater, Jesus the discriminator, Jesus the the whatever they think. Bring back Odin and you will find your true selves.

  • At the begining of "the lords prayer" he says Our Father which is very similar to All Father whoi is of course Odin.

    So I think that Odin, Woden, Zeus, Jupiter, Johova, Yahweh are all the same person.
    Ofnir is sometimes described as one of the snakes at the foot of the ash tree of life, Satan/Lucifer is also a snake at the foot of an apple tree or tree of life. Ofnir is another name for Odin. This is where it gets confusing, I think over time the original word of god and mythologies have been mixed up down the many generations of telling.
    The histrory of everything is always written by the victor, If there was beings from the heavens or sky and Odin was the king of the gods and his son Lucifer or Thor or Satan, Tried to help humanity and was condemmed for it. Should we pray to a god whoa actually doesnt want us to evolve but rather we be a pet. All religiouns go back to a form of sky god even Ra the sun god and king of the gods. Most people pray to jesus or mohamed or some lesser or younger profet or demi god but they all seem to have too many similarities to be different dieties.
    I believe that all the mythoilogies from all our pasts are talkiong about an ancient race of Aliens that settled here on earth. After so long thier decendants explored and settled on diffferent continants and as they did the stories told were like chinese whispers. In some cultures, Man is in gods image. Mayby man is not in Gods image but is the product of reproduction dating back to when these Gods/Aliens settled on earth. The norse god Odin is father to sons thor and loki and some believe that thier race decends from these gods, If you take all religiouns and piece them together, There is a lot of things that cross religions and merge with others.

  • Odin is god

    When the Norse were converted to Christianity they took the name of the All Father, Godin (aka Odin or Wotan) and he became God. There are also many parralels between the bible and Norse myth. All a person needs to do is look for them.
    So, Yes Odin is god.

  • I asked Odin to help me conceive after 10 years of miscarriages. He did.

    My husband and I struggled to conceive for 10 years. I finally felt like I was going to lose him because I couldn't have a child (he never threatened this). The older we get the more we think about these things. He never stated this but I felt the distance creeping in my heart (just to clarify, He isn't a jerk). One night I decided to take a new approach, Instead of praying in Jesus name I instead spoke directly to Odin. I asked him to please help me conceive. I had completely given up at this point, I figured it just wasn't going to happen. A few weeks later I didn't receive my monthly friend and decided what the heck Ill take a test. I was pregnant. I was so scared it was false I checked again. Again positive. I got in to see my doctor he checked by blood it was positive. I now have a healthy 6 month old baby boy with beautiful Red hair and blue eyes. I just fail to accept it was a coincidence. I prayed to Odin, And got what I had been asking for in Jesus name for 10 years and it only took Odin a few weeks. I'm sorry but that has to be proof. I told my husband about the prayer and he agrees. Odin answered when I asked him. I now talk to him directly each evening or throughout the day and honestly I feel peace. My parents are Christians and tell me the devil has a hold of me because I question the bible. In truth I have never felt more connected to a god than I do with Odin.

  • Odin is all.

    Odin is everything. All understanding. With out odin there would be no comprehension of anything at all. A marriage of subjective and objective consciousness. My wife has met Odin and i see him all of the time. He is always watching. Before his brother Loki lied and tried to convince the world that there was only one true god taking the name of Yahweh Odin had already sacrificed himself to himself. These gods are very ancient and they are beginning their resurgence to save people from damning themselves. If you truly believe you are not the owner of your own souls you could in fact damn yourself to a hell for all eternity. Just remember that our old gods would not have you go down on bender knee worship or slave for them because they love us as their children they would not damn us to hell either. Proof is in meditation ritual magic and history. This ancient god will always be with us in spirit. All things and all people come to an end nothing is eternal yet for a less simple mind that would not be so subjugated to dogma the circle of life allows us to live forever. Please stop bashing people who are not of your culture which is most likely adopted from the sand nations and allow yourselves to find your true identities. Our gods are in our cultures and what makes us beautiful is what sets us apart. All gods are real and have their own children and races of humanity. It would be simple minded and bias to think that only the Jewish had a “real” god. Shame on you for abandoning your ancestors and your gods those of you whom are not Jewish. When you face your slain by Christian ancestors good luck explaining this way of life to them especially in this day and age where we are finally free to practice our our heritage and culture freely.

  • Results. Results support my opinion.

    I was raised christian. Dad was a missionary, I'm an ordained minister. I have studied the bible my entire life, & it contradicts itself more than a politician. My life changed when I discovered Odin. I had clarity. The first time I prayed, I felt warmth. The first thin i ever asked was small, But was amazing. I was under a truck, Working on a motor, & clouds were moving in quick. I simply asked Thor, As a brother, To hold off for 5 minutes so I could cover what I needed. Huge lightning strike, The thunder was off the hook, & 5 minutes later the rain started right as I finished. Since following his path, My life has become more simple & driven. I can't argue with results. . .

  • No giants exist

    Odin said he would remove the frost giants and they do not exist anymore. Religions all around the world wrote about giants from the native Americans to the cultures in the Middle East. So there must be some truth behind giants existing at one time. It’s even talked about in the Bible. So the fact that cultures all over the world mentioned giants, I find that as good proof that they were real. The fact that Odin said he would remove the frost giants and they no longer exist makes a strong evidence for me.

  • Odin is one of the true gods.

    Don't force monotheism upon a polytheism. The idea of one god is exclusively middle eastern. The northern European pantheon of gods, Still exists in the word history of the days of the week. Tuesday = Tyr Wednesday = Odin Thursday = Thor etc. So the question "Is Odin the one true god? " is not worded correctly.

  • No, He's Not.

    In the end, all beliefs in Odin are really just the product of either watching too much avengers or spending too much time reading Thor comics. If you want to debate me on this topic, then I am comfortable with that. No, the one true God is the Christian God, and I have real evidence of that. I'm also comfy with a debate on that.

  • Well there's only one GOD that can hold this entire world and odin can be real but he's not a GOD Another

    Well there's only one GOD that can hold this entire world and odin can be real but he's not a GOD Another devil that God mentioned in the islamic book he's the Almasih el Dajaal, He's just a creature with only one eye he can see through it and can be killed by the hand of jesus and we know that jesus is only a messenger of the God, Well i hope i made it clear for you.

  • No he was a nephilim that died in the flood of Noah.

    So history goes like this, Adam and Eve, Cain's line and Seth's line. Watcher angels mate with Cain's line daughters. Nephilim are produced (giants). Proof? - Giant skeletons found all over the world.
    Then the flood of Noah came, wiping them all out. Noah came from Seth, Cain's line was annihilated. Proof? - Geological proof of a worldwide flood, including plankton fossils found on mountaintops(they would not have survived tectonic plate displacement).
    Then Nimrod gathered all the tech of the fallen angels after the flood, and tried to make war against God. He failed, and over time the tech he gathered started to fade from understanding and became magic. Then he started the root of all other religions basing it on worshipping the spirit of the dead nephilim. Also now known as demons. Proof? - All the gods of religions reflect actual nephilim that walked the earth. Mostly all the pagan Gods can be found to be giants. The rest do resemble demons of the bible, especially the Hindu gods.

  • I don't think he is

    Well because he created Jewish as the first religion , then Moses was going to god , he told them be good while i come back , Someone had magic between them and made them beleive him , God got furious that he rejected all jewish people after being his favorite people :)...
    Then Meriem , is a woman that no man has touched... God wanted to make new beleivers with great miracles , He made her pregnant with Jesus and gave Jesus miracles to revive the dead , make a bird by just breathing to his hand , aid sick people... , his People 2nd time put him in a cross and tortured him But it wasn't him god saved him! , Therefore a new Christianity borns that beleive Jesus is the son of god after helping him , No he's a prophet for god sake...
    God made the latest religion called Islam for a young man that has never do any sins and was too loyal for his parents , he also was a poor man... Muhammed Pbuh , Muhammed didn't have as much miracles as Jesus , Tho he had a book , a really powerfull book that helps you in life and make good decision , The Quran , The quran was never a book , Muhammed made some people rememeber it , after his death someone wanted to write it , he kept looking for old papers and people that remembers the quran , He made the book and that's how god created the religions <3

  • He could exist but not the true god

    In the bible it states that "i am the one true god. A great king among all gods.(Exod. 20:3; see also Deut. 5:7). In Exodus 23:32–33 Israel is told not to covenant with or worship other gods. So he could exist. But not the true god. But hey i could be wrong and he could not exist at all. And there only is one god. Peace be with you all

  • I worship Odin

    Any true follower of the allfather accepts that there are many gods, Thor, Freya, Freyr, Frigga, Bragi, Heimdall, Tyr, Baldur, Njord, etc. Therefore Odin is not the ONE true god. He is one OF the true gods. Odin himself would agree. I cannot vote yes on this, because I love many gods.

  • Of course he isn't.

    It is a well known fact that the only true religion is Zoroastrianism, and the one true god is Ahura Mazda. I eagerly await the appearance of the Saoshyant who will triumph in the final battle with evil, thus changing the world forever.


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