• No young no Future

    You can definitely see that oil painting is a dead art, painting in general is, or at least near its death. Just attend a local art group. See who is attending, anyone under 30? Very rare indeed. What about a plein air group? The local art shows? How old are the participants? As time goes on, the median age of oil painters is going up. The number of youths needed to sustain oil painting are not there. Yes, there are few, but oil painting is for old people.

  • Not in the slightest

    As an artist, I love trying different types of art and different tools to create it. Personally, oil paints are my favorite for the texture and look they give off. However, I do not use them as much as I would like because they take such a long time to dry and I need my work dry faster for things like commissions and art shows. So, while it may not be the easiest paint to use, I do not find oil painting a lost art because I know many people, myself among them, who still enjoy them.

  • People Still Love Paintings, prints and graphic designs are just cheaper to produce.

    One of the reasons I like to use a lot of paint for added texture is because you just cant get that effect with prints. With Paintings you can also have a mixture of gloss satin and flat parts of the piece making water shine and a old stump flat.

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