• It is safe.

    Yes, oil shale fracking is an environmentally sound practice, because there is little evidence that it causes problems with water and other environmental issues that people say it does. People who want to discourage progress and who are against all use of oils have dreamed up ways that they claim that fracking is dangerous.

  • Ask People In Pennsylvania

    Fracking for shale gas is not environmentally sound, and they people who say it is are merely corporate shills towing their company line. Fracking has tainted drinking water to the point where, in Pennsylvania and other states, the water can actually catch on fire. There needs to be a better, safer way to mine shale gas.

  • No oil shale fracking is not environmentally sound drilling practice.

    The process of drilling for oil and natural gas by fracking is not environmentally friendly or sound. Fracking required that large amount of sand, water and various chemicals are injected in a well's bore head. There are more than 2,500 hydraulic fracturing chemicals, of which at least 650 are know to be carcinogens (cancer causing).

  • Oil shale fracking is not an environmentally sound practice.

    Oil shale fracking is not an environmentally sound practice. The practice of oil shale fracking as negative impacts on the environment. Some of these negative impacts are: contamination of ground water, depletion of fresh water, pollution of the air and noise pollution, and the contribution to the amount of earth quakes that occur.

  • No, fracking is dangerous

    No, oil shale fracking has the potential to poison ground water. The chemicals used in fracking contain carcinogens and toxins that would be deadly to people drinking contaminated water. We've all seen, in the BP oil spill and other such incidents, that corporations are very careless about safety procedures when there are big profits to be made. Fracking is not worth the risk.

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