• Oil London is Crazyy

    Oil London is literally spending thousands of dollars to be someone he will never be able to be. He married a piece of cardboard, He risks his life every time he goes once again under the knife, And more. Now, When people look at Army’s they think that all of us are like him.

  • James vs oli

    James Charles is a makeup artist who enjoys doing makeup and not being part of drama where as oli london is claiming he looks exacly like jimin. Tf it this shit. If you put a picture of oli next to a picture of jimin, You can tell the difference from miles away and don't need glasses

  • Look at this

    James Charles is not that bad. Oli London is crazy he is not a good role model. Oli London is supposed to go to a mental hospital. Are they supposed to put him in a mental hospital? . James Charles is not even inappropriate. Oli London is mad and sick (as in bad sick not good sick). -Buthmi

  • Are you mad?

    James Charles is god. He has a lovely bottom. Oli London is silly boy. Subscribe to pewdiepie. Morgz mum (Jill Hudson) is fit. I am very rich. Stream naughty list by Callux (it slaps boi). A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o.

  • No, James is a gay

    He is a BTS fan
    We can do anything that we want to do
    He is showing the world his love towards BTS
    The army can do anything
    So can I
    Or u if u live BTS
    I love BTS
    So will u
    I u listen to them by your heart

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