Is on-campus schooling more effective than online schooling?

  • Yes, it is more effective in some fields

    In fields like writing and history, online schooling can be just as effective and possibly more effective than on-campus schooling, because it allows students to work at their own pace. However, fields like science or art have a certain physical aspect to them that is best achieved in an on-campus environment.

  • Yes, interaction with teachers and other students is an important part of learning.

    Although online schooling may be very efficient for those who like to self-instruct, on-campus schooling is still the best way to go about one's education. The interaction with the teacher or with the other students gives one many clues, for instance, whether a concept is difficult to grasp and what are some alternative ways to understand it. Spontaneous discussions among students moderated by a teacher are also very enlightening. All these are not possible in the case of online schooling.

  • No, on-campus schooling is not more effective than online schooling.

    Pros and cons exist to both on-campus and online learning. Simply because each of these learning environments have different positive and negative aspects, does not mean that one is more effective overall than the other. Provided a student is dedicated to the learning process, he or she can enjoy a meaningful education in either a brick and mortar world or online setting.

  • On-campus schooling is not more effective than online schooling.

    On-campus schooling and online schooling cater to different types of students. As such, it is near impossible to say one is better than the other. Some students thrive in classroom environments and one-on-one contact with instructors. For these students, on-campus schooling is best. Other students find it difficult to stick to a specific schedule or classtime. They also study better independently. For these students, online schooling is better. For these reasons, it is impossible to say that one form of schooling is better than the other.

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