• They are amazing!

    Their e music is great! They really deserve everything they have won. They are also inspirations for young ladies and a few men. It is nice to see how much they have grown up and changed their soun over the years. They are great singers and are dealing with the spotlight very well

  • UMMM YES duh

    What the crap. Of course they are. Have you seen how many awards they have gotten. I love their music. They have all these fans and people that love them. They give charities and all that stuff. I know a lot of celebrities that suck but one direction is not one of them

  • They are all singers and their fan base is all teenage girls

    You know a music group isn't good when they all sing and none of them play an instrument. That just goes to show they have no talent what so ever. Also the only people who like them are the teenage girls who most of them know nothing about music. Ever wonder why people argue about which one is the cutest well that's because it's the only reason why people like them. Also they stole from grease which they should have been sued for.

  • One Direction Not as Good as They Seem

    No, One Direction is not as good as they seem as they are a pop band, and pop bands are generally all about seeming better than they are. Pop bands have cults of personality arise around them, and thus their quality does not matter at all to their fans and fanbase.

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