• They can't sing

    Can't sing! No talent! Put together because none could make it as soloists! They are only liked because they are somewhat 'attractive'. The wanted isn't popular because girls didn't find them as attractive as One direction boys. They have an insane fan base that would not care about them if they didn't have the looks suiting a typical 'boy band'. Their music is garbage and they write absolutely nothing of it.

  • Without a doubt.

    They are utterly overrated. Their songs aren't that bad, but they're over-hyped, and the fact that most teenage girls think they're gods is stupid. They don't write their own songs, they're made up of terrible half-rhymes,. Although the band itself is tolerable, there's nothing really special about them, they're just another boyband. But it's the stupid, out of control fanbase that really makes them overrated. Some people's lives centre around them, and the many of fans are absolutely insane, getting angry genuinely nice people, just because they don't like the band. They're rabid, they fight of people they can never have, and then they're stupid enough to defend their sexuality, scream at people that they aren't gay, (Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.) yet they support, 'Bromances' within the group. They act as if hearing a new song is the best moment of their life, and constantly attack people who don't think they're cute. If they weren't famous, they wouldn't give them a second look on the street. The band itself isn't bad, the fans have turned them into overrated singers.

  • They don't even play their own instruments, and their fan base is just CRAZY!

    First of all, One Direction shouldn't even be considered a band. Second of all, the only reason they got famous is, because teenage girls haven't been able to fan girl over a boy band in a long time. The only reason why they are so popular is because of their looks. Whenever I ask someone why they like One Direction, its the same answer. " Harry is hot.", "They are so adorable!" EVERYTIME!

  • Surely

    It's a boy band, they're introduced to the public as famous for being famous and their target audience eats it up because they like how they look. The music is crap (which doesn't separate it much from many popular artists) but they come off as the cute nice guys the girls that listen to them want and it really doesn't matter. Right place at the right time with a good promoter.

  • Yes, just like most popular music, honestly.

    Yes, I think One Direction is somewhat overrated nowadays. Personally, I like their music, but I wouldn't call it terribly original or groundbreaking. I'm not a teenage girl, so I'm not going to obsess over them for their looks or some perceived aspect of their personalities, either. It seems like pretty much any music that becomes popular eventually develops enough obsessive fans that it starts to seem overrated.

  • Mainstream, "good looking" boy band

    I feel that the only reason they got so famous was because their band was becoming popular so everyone jumped on the band wagon. Their looks aren't very impression and their "band" just sings mediocre pop stuff. Some songs are catchy and I don't mind them but really- they are possibly one the most overrated celebrities right now. And the fan base is ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS EVER. Overall- majorly overrated.

  • Completely and utterly overrated

    I'm a teenage girl, I'm a fan (like massive, massive fan) of One Direction, but they are completely overrated. Their voices are technically really good, although the music they release is average, and quite cookie cutter pop, which I don't generally like. (Their covers of rock songs are a lot better, but I could start a whole new debate about that). I must admit, I do find them good looking, but to be quite honest, that's not the reason I like them? I really do like their personalities (well, four of them anyways) and that's a part of the reason I like them, but it's mostly because I like the sound of their voices. I went on a bit of a tangent.. But yes, they're overrated considering their music isn't as good as some fans are convincing themselves that it is.

  • Yes they are

    They are very over rated to me many like them only because they are good looking and can sing a couple okay songs. Their songs sound like they have no meaning only to please their female fans with love songs. Also their British almost everyone now and days love a British person. So to me they are very overrated.

  • The fact this argument got 49% of people say no.

    But Drag Me Down was Amazing. Since Zayn Left(I don't care) their music I think are somewhat good I think. Zayn was more of a vocalist. But Yeah they sing good technically. (With Zayn Of course also) I hope that this argument doesn't offend anyone.

    Anyone saying One Direction can't sing are definitely the ones who don't have any taste of music. Its just that they are more liked.

  • Yes, they obviously are.

    Society has gone so berserk that they like people only because of their looks. They're just pretty boys who can't sing. I know that sounds rude but it's true and they deserve it. Their songs are so overrated, just like them. All their songs are the same, they're trying to tell a girl they like her. They don't even write about other things, that are actually important. They have way too many fan girls who will kill anyone to meet them. Its shameful. Make poison pretty and everyone will drink it. I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't about their music. All of their songs are just random words set to music. It has no meaning. Life is just fun and games for them. They don't even realize what actual problems and struggles other people go through and they don't even appreciate what they have. They have a lot of power, they're famous, and they could do something good for once if they want to, but they don't. Have you ever heard of one of the members doing charity work or helping build a school for poor people, helping the needy? No, exactly, they're just ungrateful little pretty boys who cannot sing a tune and are famous for being somewhat attractive. How pathetic.

  • They are just like every other pop band.

    People love Ariana Grande, or Rixton, or 5 Seconds of Summer. Well guess what, One Direction are just like these bands (only way better). So why do people say One Direction are overrated when these bands are too? They're new album for is absolutely amazing. The people who hate One Direction have most likely only heard What Makes You Beautiful and none of their new songs like 18, Night Changes, or Where Do Broken Hearts Go.

  • Absolutely most positively not!

    Their music is amazing and so what if we attack people who don't like them I mean were just defending what we love! Don't tell me you don't defend someone you love!? This type of music is what we like and if you don't like then whatever that's your opinion but personally I love 1D and am proud to say that I am a true DIRECTIONER! They are not overrated and I really just think that most of you hate on them because your little idols aren't as big and AmaZAYN! As I write this I am listening to 1D. They. Are. Perfect.

  • No, One Direction is not overrated.

    Although I am not a fan of their music, I do know that there is no such thing as overrated. I think when people say the word "overrated" it is just a way to hate on the person's success. If someone reaches a certain level of success and some people just so happens to not be a fan, they automatically call them overrated, that really needs to stop.

  • Mustered up to settle untrained ears

    They're "good looking". That's the music industry of today. They don't write their own music. They're told how to sing into a mic which then a re recording artist treats their voices to make them sound better. ANYONE can do this. The thing here is a producer saw each one individually which sang no better then that of an average high school choir and marketed them. That's all music is today. It's fake, machine operated, autotuned sex appeal. That's it.

    Real musicians write their own music. Create their own melodies and beats. One direction and the vast majority of Pop singers are just marketed sex appeal that did not EARN what they have. They were given.

  • Was but not anymore

    Yes, some of the fans may like them for their looks. However, they can actually sing and though they do not write all of the songs they sing, they are still a good musician. Me, being not a big fan of them due to their cheesy songs such as What Makes You Beautiful actually appreciates some of their songs such as Little Black Dress and Story of My Life. Their latest album deserves a huge thumbs up, that is even more unexpected from such band that originated from an audition like X Factor. Collaborating with other musicians such as Good Charlotte and the 1975 is actually a good move to obtain the approval of the mass. Overall, I think they're improving and some people should actually give them chance to prove themselves.

  • Sweet music to my ears.

    I remember seeing the boys the first time on the X-factor. I remember thinking that these boys were special. Obviously they are a treat to the eyes, but they’re also a gift to the ears as well. Each one is the definition of perfect; a gift from God. However, these young men are down-to-earth, genuine, and charming that you can’t help by fall in love with each of them.

  • No and whoever thinks they are is a douche

    Everyone looks at One Direction and Directioners and says "they can't sing" "you only like them for their looks" blah blah blah, i could go on forever! But the truth is, the guys in One Direction are just regular people who have become a lot. In many peoples eyes, they are heroes, in others, friends, but in the 1D fandom, their family. They don't even know about 80% of their fans, maybe more, but all the fans still know they care. Now i will admit, when they were auditioning to be solo artist, i thought they were horrible and really overrated and i vowed to never be a fan. But a few years later i wanted to do some research about them and they are amazing people. They donate all the money they earn to charities! I mean how on Earth could you hate people that donate! Also, they stand up to bullying, each one of them was bullied as a kid. They are such an inspiration to so many people too! People say "they are so gay!" so r u against gay people? Also things like "they can't even sing!" then why do they have over 22 million fans AND got 3rd in x-factor? I bet their doing better than you ever could. Or things like "people only like them for their looks!" now as sexy as each of them may be, i only like them for how they make me feel, i think i speak for all the directioners when i say that i like them for their music, their inspirational quotes, almost everything they do is amazing, i do partly like them for their looks, i will admit that, but don't just focus on that, focus on all the other reasons. When they first started writing songs, most of them were to please their female fans but now they are writing more grownup songs and i think people should give them a chance. Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne, all of them are amazing people, please, to all you non-directioners, don't hate on them just cause you don't like their music, now that's overrated.

  • They Really Are Great. Really.

    Here's why:
    1) Although they didn't make it going solo on the X Factor, their voices sound great together. They are talented vocalists.
    2) Their songs are incredibly catchy and up beat. Even if you don't like 1D, you've got to admit that.
    3) I know that many girl's DO listen to boy bands just because they're cute. But I'm not that kind of person. I was hooked on 1D before I ever saw the faces that made up the band.
    4) The immense number of fans, cds sold, and hit songs produced by this band shows their popularity. It's not just teen girls that love 1D, but there is also a surprisingly large number of women 50+ who make up part of this band's fan base too. (And I know some guys out there are secret fans also, but won't admit it.)
    Overall, I don't believe they're overrated (at least no more than all the other stars. I wouldn't camp out for two days to get a glimpse of them, but don't people do that for every popular group?) They are likable, cute, play really fun songs, and have excellent voices. What else does a popular band need?

  • One direction is an amazing band.

    I saw them in concert a year ago and they were amazing. They don't lip sink or use recorded tapes when they preform- they sing with their actual voices when they're on stage. They're all very attractive young men, they're very kind and they really do care for other people. Zayn even donated $500,000 to help kids in Ghana with anemia and malaria. They donate a lot of their hard earned money to charity and they love their fans. They're very talented and they all have great voices.

  • Look at their sales

    Their music is not technically perfect, nor are their voices in any way original, unique or amazing, but the mere fact they have a dedicated fanbase and record sales that make some of the biggest stars quiver should be enough to say they aren't really overrated.

    Their music can get annoying at times, but even if you hate them, you still can't deny their popularity

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