• They are just pretty and this is why people loves them

    I think that they're ugly but my riend thinks that they're beautifull and she is saying that theyre not boysband becouse they play on guitar. I think that their music is awfull. I really don't like when my friend say thay "larry is real" and i think this is stupid becouse she don't have any proffs for that

  • They are so dumb

    I hate them so much because my friend is crazy about their looks predominantly and she won’t stop sending 1D GIFs in the chat. Like. . . I could care less about Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner posing on Instagram. I also can careless about Gigi Hadid and Zayn getting pregnant. My friend is so annoying about them. So when I listen to 1D, I go in with bias and hate it. Seriously nice people but not made for the music biz. Like half their fan base is teenage girls who wish Harry Styles was single, And the rest like Louis!

  • It is just crap

    It was popular 10 yrs ago because it is end of okay it just is like it is actually just so overrated i actually can’t believe it like everyone who still listens to one d needs to get over them selves immediately. Like they’re just crap, End of. Boom shakalaka

  • Just bc they are.

    Itsg these kids, Niall called his fans a shower of cunts and niall and harry hired women for their bdays. For lap dances 💀💀💀 zayn just left unexpectedly. Their fans are attacking ppl saying that one direction is still the best band ever and spreading rumors abt other bands to make 1d seem really good yk.

  • There terrible bob

    B b b b b b b. V. C c. D d. D e. R r r. D r r. D r r. R r remember r r r. R r e. End r. D r f. F f f. C d d d. D d. D d d. D

  • Cruel people with an equally cruel fanbase.

    There was a 1D fan who had cancer and not long to live. . . She reached out to them bc she wanted to meet them, But they turned her down bc they wouldn't get paid. They've also spit on their fans before on purpose. A lot of their music was copied from other artists and they hardly wrote any of their own music.

  • Hell yeah, They are!

    YES, THEY ARE! If you like them, It's the same as if you are telling people that Stalin is the nicest man in the world. Jazz music, And bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Nirvana, And more are better than them. SO SHUT UP, 9 YEARS OLD FANGIRLS!

  • F*** one direction

    They are so horrible,and the fanbase is so annoying.Besides,the only reason they sing is because they got together as a group on x factor.Otherwise,they wouldn't sing.I just don't get why there so liked.It's all about one direction.What about taylor swift?How about justin beiver?It's not fair,they are so f***** anoying.I hate them

  • The one reason !

    They are not a band , all they do is entertain. They don't make their own songs and they don't play instruments! If your going to be a band at least make your own stuff! I know to some people they sound good , but all they do is sing and dance!!9 year old girl.

  • Yes they are

    I think that they just sing froth and bubble to be honest. Tweens and teens need to get into some decent music like Twenty One Pilots etc. Twenty One Pilots for example, sing about things that everyone can relate to and don't just target teens-they target everyone. TOP also encourages everyone to stay alive, because it's worth it. I wouldn't want to tell my kids one day that " I loved this British band/group that couldn't really....Sing...And just sang about how...Pretty I was....?' I'd be pretty embarrassed tbh.....

  • They are the best band in the whole world!

    If your talking more popularity then no they are definetly not, I don't know about you but if you have ever walked into a middle school all they talk about is ONE DIRECTION, Plus There British, how amazing is that. If I got to choose who the worst band is though the wanted.

  • They're Bad, But Not The Worst

    One Direction is terrible. There' not much unique about their music and they just aren't that talented, but there are worst bands out there. As bad as One Direction is, I can actually see why some might actually find them and their music appealing. I cannot say that about some bands.

  • No, I do not believe One Direction is the worst band of the year...

    Even though they are a product being sold and just sing the songs that are given to them like most boy bands do, their music isn't that horrible as, lets say, Justin Bieber. I actually think they are OK, but certainly not influential to good music. JB's music makes me cringe and feels even more "on the surface" than 1D's.

  • Du er dum

    De er bedre end dig dit fede svin. Du har ikke ret til at skrive sådan noget lort. Du er bare jaloux på drengene, Fordi de er pænere end dig. Louis Tomlinson er den allerbedste sangskriver i hele verden, Så du skal bare holde dine dårlige meninger for dig selv. Hvor er du klam.

  • What the f**k

    Um. No one is worse than kaachi, Thank you very much. I wouldn't compare them to the beatles, But they're okay. It's 2020, They disbanded, So they aren't even a band anymore. Their solo songs are pretty good, But as a band, I heard they didn't like each other. They have a pretty big fanbase and let's be honest, All fandoms have toxic people. Just because you don't like a song, Doesn't mean it's bad. I do not "stan" them nor do i hate them. From an outside source, Unbiased of any groups, Their voices are decent and songs have good message.

  • To all those saying One Direction is the worst band: STOP f***ing JUDGING THEM.

    Yes, They're not the greatest. But that doesn't mean you should be rude about it. All of you are saying things like, "One Direction is rude to other celebrities, " but have you actually seen it with your own eyes? NO. Actually, I think you're the one being rude here. It's not like they've been rude to you before.
    And then there are those people that say their fan base is rude. Reality check: they are not responsible for the actions of their fan base. Use your heads for once, Would you?
    So what if you think their songs are bad? Just don't listen to them! You don't need to go out of the way to rant about how terrible a band they are. Jeez people, Just f***ing get over yourselves

  • They are extremely nice people, You just have to know their inner selves.

    Many people see them as rude boys, But they really aren't. They care deeply about their fans and their well being. Sure they swear, Don't we all? They're simply teenagers going through the process of growing up. Let them live. Let them be young. They learn from their flaws and make better choices. I'll be honest, Their first 2 albums may have been some fantasy love song, But they were just kids who had just come into the music industry. Their nest 3 albums sound and are much better. These songs have a deeper meaning, And mean things to the boys. People should stop judging others for wearing tattoos and drinking. They're normal human beings. They want to have fun too. I used to be one of those people who would despise tattooed artists or anyone in general. If you look past the tattoos, You'll learn and see that they really have good hearts and care about each other and us very deeply. Sure sometimes people make mistakes, And so did they, But they live and learn from them. Please look at One Direction in a different way, Instead of simply being a target for teen girls. The boys truly are something special. Every single one of them

  • Stop this hating!

    I do understand that everybody is completely entitled to their own opinions, But PLEASE don't bash or hate on them! They started out their career as just teenagers, Which blows people's minds. You have the rights to dislike them but it is wrong to say that they are 'worst band of the year'. Have you even heARD their vocals? They may not have a perfect voice especially in their teenage years, But look at them now! Please appreciate them! They don't deserve all this hate!

  • ID are bad? Pfft

    If One Direction is bad then why are they so popular? And don't give me that crap about how people only like them because of their looks because NO! They all passed their auditions in the X Factor with SIMON AS THE JUDGE and you all very well KNOW how critical he is. And DON'T SAY that Simon Cowell support them blindly because he doesn't! Go watch their auditions and you'll see how much censure they've got. They might not be the best singers in the world but they are all charismatic and even the judges said so! They've gone a long way from making their debut and while they've gone on hiatus for quite a while, Don't go labeling them the worst band of the year just because of that. Appreciate their songs from years before.
    I don't want to start a war or try to trigger anybody, But PLEASE DON'T make irrelevant statements, Like the statements I've read on their bad public behaviour. That might be true, Might be not, But don't talk about that when we're talking about their music here!
    And lastly, I just want to say, Don't go trashing on them like that. You might not like their music for reasons but don't go discouraging people from listening to them just because of YOUR OWN OPINIONS! Don't make their decisions for them; let them make up their own mind on whether they like One Direction or not. And that goes for everything! Don't go badmouthing about them to your friends and SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH if you can't think of anything logical to say. Thank you.

  • 1d are not bad

    The reason why they are not bad because they have created loads of good songs like the best song ever and what makes you beautiful are really awsome and even though they have split up they are still grate and i listen to there songs. I love harry styles the most because of his new song its is amazing.

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skymnesynymone909 says2021-05-13T07:02:27.060
To begin with, One Direction is generic and way too bland. In comparison with boy bands from different decades, One Direction does not have the vocal superiority of Jackson 5, The Beach Boys, The Osmonds, The Backstreet Boys, Jodeci, New Edition, NSYNC and most of all of Boyz II Men. Even second tier boy bands LFO, O-Town, 98 Degrees and BBMak have their own distinctive sounds as groups. Most of all they don’t have the powerful dance moves of NSYNC, NKOTB and even with their contemporaries Mindless Behavior, The Wanted, Why Don’t We and CNCO. Their British predecessors, Take That, Five, A1, East 17, Another Level, 911 and Blue are way more talented from singing, To dancing, Songwriting and rapping. Most of all, It is an insult to compare themselves with The Beatles. The songwriting tandem of John Lennon and Paul McCartney remains one of the most unparalleled in music history. Their songs are appreciated across generations and have withstood the test of time. For Harry Styles to compare his group with the Beatles, As being a pop group met with massive hysteria from the girls in the US is superficial. At the end of it there has to be substance with what they do. One Direction will never measure to the Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon as songwriting geniuses.
Furthermore, South Korea’s Hallyu wave that has unleashed BTS, EXO, Big Bang which by far are also superior to One Direction. It is because many Korean idol groups spend years of training before they make their debut which means the preparations are rigid to make sure they will make their mark in the music industry. The problem with One Direction is they were a hastily formed boy band. They were originally five individual contestants in X-Factor back in 2010. They didn’t originally participated as a group so there was no intense preparation and systematized training. Many of their songs are plagiarized. Take for instance Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me to One Direction’s Midnight Memories. They also took samples from the works of music giants like Journey, The Clash, And New Found Glory to name a few. This has been talked about by many who have seen the obvious similarities. Sure, Artists would sample the works of others but in One Direction’s case, This is too much.
But if there’s one more thing worst about One Direction is their fan base. Many Directioners are toxic, Rude and are psychos. Even with the “disbandment” of One Direction, They continue to go around saying the same thing that One Direction is the best group ever. In a video from Youtube called Evolution of Boy Bands 1963 to 2018, Directioners toxify the comment section. They don’t know how to sit back and listen. One fan said that she skipped the other boy bands in the video and went straight to look only to One Direction without sifting through the different groups that came before and after them. This gives them a zero to very limited knowledge of music.

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