• Why One Direction deserves the title of "worst band of the year"

    Virtually every One Direction song says "I love you, let's kiss! You're so pretty!", and they are filled with unnecessary "ooohs" and "yeahs". Their songs consist of the same simple chord progressions, and they make millions just because they bat their eyelashes at empty-headed girls with money to burn. Every one of their songs has the same theme, and they are completely incapable of creating anything original or memorable, and they have only managed to last so long because of their looks.

  • Why One Direction is the worst (boy)band ever.

    The only reason Directioners listen to them is because they look good. And then they respond saying that they listen to their faces and what not. So why do Directioners make fun of Freddie Mercury? He's a million times better than them and I listen to him for his music. Also, their songs are stupid and cater to teenage girls. Their songs sound the same. They don't care if it means something, just as long as it sounds catchy. Their songs have 0 creativity and they rip off other artists. Their fame came to them way easily whereas there are better artists who are not yet famous, but they are working hard to get fame.

  • One Direction sucks

    I wont even capitalize their name. Frankly they are just 5 boys who got lucky. Millions of people could be them. They can't even write their own songs, or play instruments, or write instrument parts. This is why they suck. Why the hell do they deserve to be famous when there are tons of people who CAN write their own songs, and play real instruments, and have a creative mind. Why even judge them on their looks....Why judge them on something they cant even control. It makes NO sense. I battle Directioners as a hobby. Goodbye.

  • They aren't even a real band

    They are basically owned by their record company. They do not write their own songs and they are probably told what to wear and how to act. All so they can just appeal to stupid teenage girls who just listen to the same crap with 'catchy' lyrics and beats. If they suddenly decided that they wanted to sing real music I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be allowed to anyway.

  • It's about the money

    They are only about making money... Why else would there be so much merchandise? Their managers make them appealing to teenage girls by including things like 'you're insecure' and other relatable things in their songs. The sad part is that every time a processed band is introduced, people still fall for it! All their songs are only about girls and parties. This band proves how uneducated children are in the ways of real music. At my school there is a songwriting club that I went to... When I asked the younger girls what they were writing about they would say things like 'parties' and 'boys'.

  • They do not sing from their hearts enough

    When i hear them i do not feel they mean the words and one of the most important things about a band is whether or not they can really show they care about what they sing. When you get bands like the script who have been through everything and spent such a great ammount of time taking rage and putting it on a page and working their whole lives to get where they want to be it makes you think what have bandsa like one direction done to deserve all this praise and fame. Most of their fans are young girls who will not relate to the music who just like the boys for their 'good looks', im not saying i dont think they are good singers i think they are quite taleneted but you cannot compare them to bands like the beatles who put across messages in their songs so powerful that they changed the world.

    Posted by: r.j
  • Mainstream Singing-Competition-Made Band

    They have basically brainwashed little girls into the media. They will never(probably) be iconic like the Beatles, green day, maroon 5, Coldplay or Queen. They have too much merchandise. I found one direction underwear(seriously?). They have made elementary school girls too boy-crazy. Their lyrics aren't deep they're just catchy. Freddie Mercury and John Lennon wrote MEANINGFUL and catchy lyrics. They don't even play any instruments. The only thing you hear are their annoying voices. They are way too mainstream(thank you x factor)... The "Directioner" thing scares me. A decade (or two) from now they wont even be relevant.

  • They don't play the instruments

    They get other musicians to play 'their' song while they just sing. Pink Floyd, Beatles, AC/DC and such actually played the instruments and singed at the same time. THEY ARE NOT EVEN A BAND! Their a group that is to damn lazy to learn to play instruments. -.- like seriously

  • They aren't bad people they just shouldn't be in the music business.

    Honestly they can't even come up with original beats like how in one song the ripped off "Summer Nights" which is in the movie Grease. Also, their music is so commercial it isn't funny they are aimed at getting the young girls who honestly don't have much knowledge about what good music is. They are kind of like the Backstreet Boys except worse. The only reason girls like them is because they are hot and this hotness cause them to become blind to the fact that their music is absolutely horrible. There are so many better bands then them that are actually original.

  • Where do I begin to list their faults?

    Firstly, they have one of the rudest fanbases that I have ever seen. The 'directioners'(more accurately the directionless) think they are so superior to everyone else on this planet. You see young kids swearing at others simply because they do not share the same music tastes an even fellow one direction listeners are rude to each other for not memorising the bands entire life story. Most of them refuse to see the flaws in the band and are so closed minded when it comes to music.
    Also the band cannot write their own songs instead turning to overly rich songwriters to write their music for them which results in cheesy lyrics. Plus they CANNOT do covers and ruin any song that they want to copy which I think is a real shame because now the songs they cover are only famous for the one direction version and not the original. Finally one direction are only famous because of their looks and because Simon cowbell is behind them. They have no originality and their music is all the same and sometimes even copying other songs (the who's baba o Riley being one example in the best song ever. Ugh. What a crappy title for a song.) I think the directionless need to wake up and see them for who they really are, copycats and just hormonal teenagers who struck lucky on the x-factor.

  • Get over yourself.

    Some people are saying they're only liked for their looks.
    Totally. I bought albums, t-shirts, bracelets, magazines just for people to know I like their face okay. Got me on that one. (Oh and their looks are just the best singers I've ever heard.)
    Others are saying we have a rude fanbase.
    I really cannot say we don't. Because yes, we have some few over dramatic people. But 99% of the time they calm down, and chill out. The other 1% is they leave the fandom. Now I want you to tell me a fandom that doesn't have a tiny group of people in the fandom who you're ashamed of. And if you give me your fanbase there is a 99% of a chance you are in the tiny group. Because every fandom, and every band has one flaw.
    And others are comparing them to the Beatles.
    Really? You are saying, and I quote, "The Beatles, the best band of all time, I don't care if One Failrection is more famous than The Beatles, they are and will be better than 1D. The Beatles were, are, and still will be famous. 1D will just dissapear. 1D is the worst band of all time, and the Beatles are the best. Long live Beatles!" One I'm gonna give you a slow clap for the genius of One Failrection. You're so original. Two, there is this thing called opinion. Yeah, everyone has one. You may think the Beatles are the best creation on Earth. But hey, this person the same age as you might like One Direction. Then you will go and cut their head off saying the "One Failrection" should just disappear. And, you didn't even spell disappear right. Read the title, and stop being a hypocrite.

    Oh, and yes they can't dance. Everyone knows that and they embrace the fact they can't dance.

    Get over yourselves.

  • No they are NOT

    If they are the worst band, why would they have so much fans? And remember that all their fans aren't stupid, they know how to choose a favourite band.
    If you don't like One Direction, so what? Don't say anything bad about it, just ignore it. Don't judge them, besides you don't even know them in REAL LIFE. Don't 100% trust the medias.

  • They are not "The worst band of the year"

    To support the topic with yes, you are saying One Direction are the worst band of this year....Seriously? They defiantly may not be the best but they aren't the "worst"

    Yes One Direction are supposedly glorified for their looks but people just take that as the only reason and don't evaluate them fully. They are talented. Why would several million girls be buying and listening to their music if they were "only attractive". If they were that bad then they would not be played on the radio at all, let alone countless times.

    They do write and co write a majority of their songs so how dare people say they don't. Read the fine print.

    They may have gotten forced together in a band but a band has to start some where. If they didn't enjoy being together in a band they would've spilt and gone their separate ways. They are all close and even spend time together out of the working days.

    They are passionate about what they do and they have people who love what they do. That's all that should count. Why should we rank bands?

  • One direction is the best boy band

    Their songs are great and you should listen to them.They have the biggest fan base in the world right now. If you don't like them, you should not be here. They gained more popularity quicker than the beatles. They might even come to an end soon but im fine with that. Leave 1d alone with your horrible comments

  • No to me

    So what if they cater t o teenage girls? Someone has to. And so what if they're songs are catchy and poppy, not every song has to be life altering to be considered music. Music is music. People only hate because they're famous and got lucky. They donate to charity constantly and they make teens happy so that's good enough

  • How can you judge music?

    No one likes the same music as everyone else. The lads are making music they enjoy and their fans enjoy their style as well. It should only be about the music and you shouldn't ever judge based on your taste. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. If you do, keep supporting our boys.

  • One direction is not the worst band of the year.

    One direction is not the worst band of the year. This is their talent and they decided to pursue it as a career. I think they have made it very far in the entertainment industry and I hope that they continue to find success in their field. So far, I am liking their music.

  • They Are Good ok

    Okay so basically they are not the worst for they have not done anything so terrible. None of their music contains any profanity for the most part. They actually can sing opposed to 98% of people on the radio and they are not trashing rooms or spitting on people they are not that rude. Some of you need to realize that their vibe in music isn't always their choice, management has a large part in the making of their image. So for the most part they are not some NSYNC or Backstreet Boys corny boy band. Why? Well they have their own individual styles, no choreographed dances, no matching outfits, nada they just have a good time.

  • They aren't bad people.

    Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they are the worst band of the year. They try their hardest to be good people and please everyone, like their trip to Africa to help the kids in the hospital, or their support to the Red Nose Day. All of them try to help out by being good people. Like them or not, they are not the worst band of the year

  • They can't be worst band if they're not even a band.

    A boy band is different from a band because they don't play instruments and there is no lead singer. If they're not even a band, they can't be the worst band. And if you're one of those people who say it's the same thing, than I hope you're not forgetting Big Time Rush.

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skymnesynymone909 says2021-05-13T07:02:27.060
To begin with, One Direction is generic and way too bland. In comparison with boy bands from different decades, One Direction does not have the vocal superiority of Jackson 5, The Beach Boys, The Osmonds, The Backstreet Boys, Jodeci, New Edition, NSYNC and most of all of Boyz II Men. Even second tier boy bands LFO, O-Town, 98 Degrees and BBMak have their own distinctive sounds as groups. Most of all they don’t have the powerful dance moves of NSYNC, NKOTB and even with their contemporaries Mindless Behavior, The Wanted, Why Don’t We and CNCO. Their British predecessors, Take That, Five, A1, East 17, Another Level, 911 and Blue are way more talented from singing, To dancing, Songwriting and rapping. Most of all, It is an insult to compare themselves with The Beatles. The songwriting tandem of John Lennon and Paul McCartney remains one of the most unparalleled in music history. Their songs are appreciated across generations and have withstood the test of time. For Harry Styles to compare his group with the Beatles, As being a pop group met with massive hysteria from the girls in the US is superficial. At the end of it there has to be substance with what they do. One Direction will never measure to the Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon as songwriting geniuses.
Furthermore, South Korea’s Hallyu wave that has unleashed BTS, EXO, Big Bang which by far are also superior to One Direction. It is because many Korean idol groups spend years of training before they make their debut which means the preparations are rigid to make sure they will make their mark in the music industry. The problem with One Direction is they were a hastily formed boy band. They were originally five individual contestants in X-Factor back in 2010. They didn’t originally participated as a group so there was no intense preparation and systematized training. Many of their songs are plagiarized. Take for instance Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me to One Direction’s Midnight Memories. They also took samples from the works of music giants like Journey, The Clash, And New Found Glory to name a few. This has been talked about by many who have seen the obvious similarities. Sure, Artists would sample the works of others but in One Direction’s case, This is too much.
But if there’s one more thing worst about One Direction is their fan base. Many Directioners are toxic, Rude and are psychos. Even with the “disbandment” of One Direction, They continue to go around saying the same thing that One Direction is the best group ever. In a video from Youtube called Evolution of Boy Bands 1963 to 2018, Directioners toxify the comment section. They don’t know how to sit back and listen. One fan said that she skipped the other boy bands in the video and went straight to look only to One Direction without sifting through the different groups that came before and after them. This gives them a zero to very limited knowledge of music.

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