Is one innocent man being crucified for the sins of everybody justice? Guess it is in that "perfect" gods eyes. Lol

Asked by: steffon66
  • Jesus was man but also one with God, it was God who suffered for humans.

    I don't believe in Christianity but the belief is that Jesus died so that others can be forgiven for their sins, not so that people can get away with them. Jesus wasn't an ordinary man anyway, he knew of his fate beforehand and accepted it. And he was granted life again, and then got to go to everlasting paradise, and plus, you know, he's also God. I personally don't feel too bad for the guy.

  • Yes with explanation

    It would be grossly unjust for an innocent man to be crucified for the sins of all if: 1) the man was only an ordinary human & 2) it was
    In Jesus` case He wasn`t merely human, He was : 1)the Creator in the body of a human male & 2) a voluntary sacrifice in obedience to the will of the Father to redeem doomed humanity.

  • Hell still exists

    The "justice" of the situation is meant to be derived from Jesus taking our place, but I could never accept that answer. The existence of hell and the dubious nature of original sin (both of which would be too long to describe here) makes me cringe whenever people say Jesus requires us too love him forever to avoid eternal torment. This problem aggravated me even when I was a theist.

    Posted by: Nac
  • The idea of vicarious redemption is disgusting and wicked

    The forgiveness of sins in relation to the sacrifice of jesus known as vicarious redemption, another outrageously corrupt teaching of christianity, it teaches don't worry about your crimes i'll serve your time in prison don't take responsibility for what you have done, this is known as scapegoating. It pushes a "gift" on me that I would not want nor ask for, and then threatens me if I don't accept it with eternal torture and separation from my loved ones for eternity. Another grotesque teaching that christianity tries to pass of as 'nobel'.

    Posted by: hect
  • You are incompetent if you think this is justice and that this makes god good.

    He basically lets everybody off the hook for murder rape etc. which i have a huge problem with and then punishes an innocent man which only makes it even worse. I guess we could all be god like and punish innocent people when we cant find the criminal who committed the crime. We could also be godlike and burn people alive for not believing like us. You see the problem here? Religion is the enemy of moral progress and makes people completely irrational when it comes to god and morality. I hate religion and if the christian god is real he should do the right thing and take away my life instead of throwing me in hell for not believing in a book written by men which is a victimless crime. Why should he hurt me when i havent hurt anyone? Fyg

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TBR says2015-04-06T18:48:01.117
Who says he was not guilty? Sedition against Rome was punishable by Crucifixion.
steffon66 says2015-04-07T04:03:29.840
Even so. One guilty man cant pay for the sins of all people. The people who commit crimes should be punished. By the bibles logic we could punish one innocent or guilty man for the sins of everybody. If we did that there would be chaos because everybody would sin because someone else is being punished for it and it doesnt matter how bad you were they get the same punishment for all sins.