• One Republic (Really awesome songs) > One Direction (Just handsome boys)

    One Direction is a boyband. 1D's boys are more handsome , cute, sweet than OneRepublic. So all 6-18 years old girls love them. Why? They are cute. But they dont make good music. And they can't play instrument well.
    OneR is better than 1D. And best band is OneRepublic too.

  • One Republic is better because they write better songs and One direction only has fans because they're "hot".

    One direction's fans are mostly girls and they find the boy band attractive so they get more views. One Republic on the other hand has a mix of males and females. One direction has some good songs but don't have good lyrics. One Republic has good songs because they have good lyrics with the songs unlike One direction.

  • OneRepublic is the best.

    One Direction can't even begin to touch OneRepublic. OneRepublic is a one of a kind band that produces well written music by themselves. They're songs are so meaningful and they're lyrics are so powerful. One Direction is simply popular because young and teenage girls find them attractive. They're just another boy band that will pass. I know Justin Bieber isn't part of a band, but do you guys remember him? The same thing will happen to One Direction. Their fame will slowly fade away when the next new thing comes out. OneRepublic has been around for awhile now and is still able to create quality music.

  • OneRepublic is the best. Without a shadow of doubt.

    OneRepublic cannot even be compared to one direction. They are better in every single way. Ryan Tedder writes each and every song himself with a little help from the test of the band. They play the instruments themself. All that one direction do is sing songs written by other people and get others to play the instruments. CLEARLY ONEREPUBLIC IS THE BEST. All their songs are AMAZING, there isn't a bad song by them. Ryan Tedder forever. OneRepublic forever. :) <3

  • One Republic is much better and writes their songs.One Republic has more depth and feel to their songs while One Direction seems a little shallow.

    I have nothing against them but it seems a little sad that the majority of One Direction fans are teenage girls that are focused on looks.
    I an a teenage girl myself but I still think that One Republic is the better band. One Republic also seems more mature and less likely to do crazy things.

  • Not at all !!!

    One direction is a boy band that only became popular because girls think they are cute. One Republic has been a band since the early 2000s, when many members of One Direction were just small children or even infants. They have consistently had hit songs over the past ten years. Having a debate on this topic is a waste of TIME !!!

  • One Republic actually writes their songs by themselves. Their songs seem to have more meaning.

    One Republic's frontman Ryan Tedder writes the songs unlike One Direction. One Republic's songs also seem to have more meaning and do not sound as repetitive as One Direction's. One Direction also have some way too cheesy songs and they seem to be just a temporary boyband that may fade over time. I don't really have anything against One Direction nor do I hate them, but I don't exactly like their fangirls either, who may be a little annoying. One Republic is better!

  • Raging Girl Hormones

    One direction is a boy band that only became popular because girls think they are cute. One republic on the other hand is liked by both genders (females/males). One Direction is mostly like by girls because of pheromones. I have never seen boys screaming their heads of for one direction unless they are homosexual. One direction will most likely disappear after a couple of years as this year's generation of girls grow up and will probably listen to more profound music.

  • OneRepublic actually wrote their own songs

    OneRepublic wrote most or all of their songs, showing that they actually have the ability to write songs. One Direction is a band that sings songs other people write, and is a band that makes covers of other songs. OneRepublic is the opposite. Ryan Tedder (the frontman) is the one who helped other songwriters, and OneRepublic is the group whose songs were made into covers.

  • One Republic has stood the test of time.

    One Republic has been a band since the early 2000s, when many members of One Direction were just small children or even infants. They have consistently had hit songs over the past ten years. One Direction is a boy band that achieved popularity within the past few years, and that popularity will probably fade as the current crop of teenage fans grow into adulthood and a new crop of teenagers move onto the next big boy band as has been the boy band trend for the past 50 years.

  • I respect One Republic, but One Direction is better.

    One Direction have Simon Cowell's approval. Last I checked, that's pretty impressive. One Direction also have songs like Little Things and Diana, which have helped me stop self harming and having thoughts of suicide. So they basically saved my life. Both bands are talented. One Direction just have a special place in my heart. I'll respect your opinion, if you'll respect mine.

  • One direction is a lot better

    One direction is better then One Republic because when I was listening to one of the songs from one republic
    Some of the lyrics didn't make any cents and it was ok but didn't exceed my expections. Plus one direction
    Won in the 2014 music awards and one republic didn't win anything at all because there music wasn't good
    Enough. One direction the lyrics in their songs make more cents.

  • They are both good buutttttt

    Haha i said butt. Sry. Ok so one republic is good, i won't lie, i do like many of their songs, they are in my top 10 favorite bands. But you know whos in 1st on my top 10 list? One direction. And wanna know whos not in 1st on my top 10? One republic. Sorry but i like one direction better, i think they think about what their fans would like to hear and outside listeners instead of just outside listeners. So sorry one republic fans, but one direction is better, now matter what this bs poll says, just ask their 22 million fans what they think:]

  • Onerepublic is an incredibly talented band with incredibly talented members and one direction has literally no idea

    All of Onerepublics members play atleast 5 instruments, the lead singer ryan tedder plays 16 instruments, the members of one direction probably don't know a Viola from a cello. Onerepublic writes all of their own songs, I'd be surprised if one directions members could spell their own names. Onerepublics lead singer won a competition as a solo artist, none of the members of one direction could make the X factor by themselves. One direction is only famous cuz a bunch of teen girls think their cute and they tell the girls they're pretty, seriously, what makes you beautiful makes no sense. Onerepublic is famous because they are a great band with great music with real music. This shouldn't even be a debate. It's like comparing the gum on the bottom of your shoe to a fresh pack of gum

  • I hate one rebublie

    One direction are a bunch of cute guys that actually make good music. Ya maybe they get help with their songs and maybe it takes a while for thier songs to come out in new albums,but at least they worked long and hard to make thier songs as good as possible. Guess what concert sold out world wide in less than 11 seconds< not one rebulic it was one directiopn that proves that . ALSO ONE REBULIC IS ALWAYS REALSING NEW SONGS THAT SOUND RUSHED, NOT WELL PUT TOGETHER AND JUST OVER-ALL HALFA-A STAR sorry for the caps lock anyways thenkyou for reading my argument and bye

  • One direction is the best. Without the shadow of doubt.

    One direction contain 5 cute adn sweet boys the bests i've ever seen...Their songs are great if they weren't they wouldnt have that many fans around the world. I have never heardanything about one republic it is the first time iam seeing people are comparing one direction with this silly group. I reallydon't expect it. One republic is not even comparable with one direction.

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