• Who is Dr. Ruja

    I am seeing people trying to get others to invest in this pyramid scam. I have searched everywhere trying to find info on there founder ( and the most intelligent person ever born - according to their website ) but there is no info on her background. I am starting to believe her whole bio is made up

  • Most superior cryptocurrency in the world.

    Price of coin is stable, has usability, global currency, centralize patented blockchain IT, honest private company, and your coins can never be lost. Complient with KYC, KBC, and AML regulatory policies worldwide. Onecoin is not striving to be successful at this stage in development. Onecoin is successful and the sky is the limit with this crypto. Best investment opportunity on the planet. Onecoin will go public on October 8, 2018.

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Dfmcleod says2016-05-16T22:41:31.880
Crypto currency is a very interesting topic onecoin claims to be the next but better bitcoin . Problem is every thing is being done in house . No way to verify what they say .A person seems to have to take them at their word . That's difficult when money is involved