Is Online College Better Than Traditional College

Asked by: matthewmatt14
  • Yes it is 100%

    Online college will benefit students in a big way. One way is that we never have to leave our homes to go to college. You can sit at home with a bag of chips and also go to college at the same time. Students might actually learn better online then having to go to college. You can sleep in and wake up not having to rush yourself to go to college. Overall, Online college is a great thing.

  • Yes its good

    Online college allows you to study work and have a life while you are getting an accredited degree. By doing this you can be involved in your life while working living and having fun. There may be no teacher and classroom but who needs that when you have your own office

  • It's a dream that will probably never exist

    Online classes are the BIG THING. You can play on the computer and learn things, you don't have to get ready for school, and you can eat whenever you want! But are they better than school? Nerp. You might learn things on the online classes, but let's be honest. You're at home with a computer in your hands. You would most likely go on Facebook or Minecraft instead of some classes. And how about our physical education? Everyone knows that exercising is probably the one of the last things we care about. Schools also get you out of the house and lets you meet more people. Sure, there's gonna a few fights here and there but what's life without the fights or drama? Finally, my opinion is that online schools would make our behaviors worse! Barely anybody respects their parents that much and some kids even back talk to their teachers. Get the kid off the computer and they would probably steer clear of any crowd they see. Better to go to school than on the computer.

  • No, Not Overall

    I will admit that there are some advantages to taking online classes, but for the most part, a full online college experience is just busywork for credit. Traditional Universities and colleges offer so much more in terms of real, personal experiences. You are able to meet people, attend physical events, such as concerts and sporting events as part of the school community, and the most important part academically is that you are able to participate in authentic group projects and discussions, which speaks more to personal experience than single assignments done at home. Overall, physically attending is better than online college, and this also is reflected in terms of the reputation that accompanies your degree.

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