Is online customer service enough to satisfy customer needs?

Asked by: CVG
  • Online is better.

    Online custermer rep, is far better then on the phone. Why first of all, when you are writting you, you can calmly write things in a much more rich info. Also if your computer skills are good, writting online can be more entertaining then just talking, i personally prefer talking online then in person, because i can read the message in whatever voice i wwant, and much clear because i can see the words, meaning the chance of misuderstanding are very little, plus you can review previous conversation, you dont need to go looking for paper and pen.

  • Having a customer representative on the phone is better

    Despite that online customer service may be faster in the form that you can put up automatic awnser machines to reply to each customer, but the human factor is always important and each case is unique so there is no standardized awnsers for each individual case. And when explaining a problem you can always explain the problem faster and better via a call instead of typing a whole story.

  • Offline customer service is crucial

    Customers continue to use online services for which they usually prefer to make use of the online customer service for time efficiency and clear communication purposes. However offline customer service is crucial for the survival of a business, the client, in some cases, would want to communicate with someone directly instead of doing this online. Due to a good offline customer service the client feels appreciated and important. A very important factor to take into consideration is that not everyone has access to online customer service and therefore it is crucial that an offline customer service platform is in place.

    Posted by: RD88
  • Offline customer service is essential

    Eventhough there is a strong move towards online customer service, offline service will always be a crucial aspect of the whole picture. While customers will continue using online services in growing numbers, you can never discount the need of being reachable in the event a customer doesn't have access to the Internet.

  • There is always a need for offline customer service

    Despite online customer service becoming a more important aspect of doing business, offline customer service should never be overlooked. Not everybody has access to online customer service, so offline customer service should always be available despite the strong shift towards online customer service. In short offline customer service will always be crucial.

    Posted by: CVG

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