• YES of course!

    Online dating is an outlet for sex for many men, but for women, many are looking for a little more depth in a partner.
    This creates an inequality in the online dating realm.
    Also, looks always triumph over personality. Take a look at tinder, the main reason for you to swipe right is if your potential significant other has glasses or moles!

  • Online dating should not be allowed

    I for one am doing research over online dating. I believe it should not be allowed. It ruins traditional dating. You never know who you're actually talking to. They could shed a few pounds off their weight, or shed some off their height. I mean you never have any Idea.

  • I believe online dating has a negative influence on romance.

    In my opinion, I think many of the people who use online dating are people incapable of making a relationship work in person from the start. Such people are often questionable in their backgrounds, their personalities, a person can write anything they want online. Still, at the root of it all, there is that human presence needed for a relationship to work. How can you have that when people are almost incapable of speaking in person because of media/online dependency for communication?

  • No, not at all.

    I think online dating is better than meeting someone randomly in many cases. You know from the beginning that you have things in common when you decide to talk to someone. I have met most of my relationships online and we are very romantic people. It doesn't matter where you meet, just what you put into your relationship.

  • Not by itself

    Online dating leaves the door wide open for scumbags to mass message girls literally asking them without introduction if they want to have sex, this wouldn't happen if they had to physically ask them all to their faces. That said, romance is being crushed by media in general, online dating gives the bottom of the barrel some confidence but they can be ignored and aren't representative of the gender.

  • No It Is Not

    Online dating is not discouraging romance. If anything, it is actually encouraging it. A person that meet someone online probably could not find that special someone in their day to day life. If they are able to find them online then that is a good thing. There is still a romance factor involved.

  • Romance is what you make of it.

    Online dating isn't eroding romance. What is the difference at the end of the day between a blind date a date that was set up online? If the date turns out to be a flop then their is no romance and wouldn't have been had you met the person at Starbucks.

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