Is online education more effective than traditional learning?

  • No network no online studind

    If there would no connection of network then there would be no online teaching so,after having no connection you will have to go to live teacher forcelly.So.It is better to learn with traditional learning and not on internet connection or online.I,suggest to have a traditional learning and not online learning

  • Better for you

    Who wants to go to school when you have the opition to sit at home while getting all the information of a 7 hour school day. You get to sit in your PJ'S all day while still being at school. And you learn more stuff on a laptop or an ipad because of all the websites that you can use. And on a rainy day you don't have to go anywhere because you will be learning on your computer.

  • Online courses can create global village and you can choose what you are interested.

    Because of computers' invented, internet connect everyone to the global village. You can choose the teacher around the world on internet, you could study any courses from the world such as Chinese history, Amazon rain forest, or pyramid. You won't fear there are no the subjects that you want to choose from internet.

  • I think that online education is more effective than traditional learning because students are more able to work at their own pace.

    I think that online education is more effective than
    traditional learning because students are more able to work at their own pace. Also, online education gives a student more
    free time because they don’t have to worry about traveling back and forth to a
    school campus in order to go to class.

  • Concentrate on what I am interested

    In my experience, I find online education more efficient. I can concentrate on what I am interested and fully develop my skills on a particular subject without having to waste time on something I won't find useful in the future or for my goals. Also, I can study when I want and when I feel in shape to do it.

  • In recent years, massive improvement has been made in our lives .

    ELearning includes advantages which are not found in traditional learning, such as :
    time for digesting the information and responding and, ability to conduct an open discussion, where each learner gets more of an equal standing than in a face-to-face discussion, access to information and discussion ability, and so much more.

  • its really up to the will and drive of the student the degree that effectiveness works in their own lives

    The reason being is the a student gets the chance to use those learning skills on a hands on basis its really up to the drive of that student there are many destractions in life period we just have to learn to cope with them i went to traditional school for 12 years the switch to online learn took some stress off my back

  • Depends on the person and the school

    Having experienced both environments through my child, both have been very beneficial for her at the time he was enrolled. She schooled online for middle school through a charter. Truthfully if I knew about it sooner, I would have enrolled her as early as 3rd grade. For some, the distraction in traditional setting is such that the child cannot learn. Or the class moves so slow that the child is bored. We've experienced these and it proved that those schooling years were a waste. Once in online classes, she flew through the subject matter she knew not wasting time, new subject matter was studied intensely and finished the entire year by midyear. The only thing she lost was some interaction and a lot of busy work!
    We tried traditional high school for a bit over a year and it was just a waste of time. Busy work, drama, and no learning in a "California Distinguished School". She was drowning there out of boredom and busy work. She went back to part time online classes where she did great and skipped the last 2 years of high school for college. She's in a traditional university setting loving it and doing great. Loves the interaction with students and professors. Unfortunately, so far, though both the English and History professors have cancelled a total of 11 classes combined in the quarter. This doesn't happen online.

    Online is not for everyone. Mine did great as she loves to learn, wants no distractions and love to go at his own pace which is often fast or more in depth than traditional schooling. Add that is was less stressful, done when she wanted too at hours that were better for her than standard schooling, still did school work while sick in bed or traveling, online wins hands down as being more effective.

    For K-3rd, I think traditional is best as the social interaction at this age is imperative and plays a huge role in overall learning. YES, home/online schooled kids get lots of interaction with peers through networks that can be found everywhere since homeschooling has gone mainstream.
    3rd-5th is open on which is better.
    6th-8th online best and high school is debatable depending the child.
    High school online requires actually more time and the online in class commitment is more than what is possible for many students and the noise in these classes in ridiculous. If it was more flexible then online would be a great choice as it would allow for teens to get involved more with community services, work, intern, or take college class concurrently.

    College online or traditional being more effective is based on class availability, timing, costs, student's focus and drive, and subject matter. There are pros and cons to each.

    The whole thing everyone keeps missing is that online you must have even more integrity and determination to succeed. Yes, in some cases you may be able to cheat, but in most cases the same way you can cheat online, you can cheat in traditional. Yes..except the testing though some online high schools such as BYU require you to take the midterms and finals in a proctored environment.

    Online can be more effective at all levels if you are enrolled in the right school and you have the determination and integrity to succeed.

  • Things experienced in school-

    It's really very important to learn to listen to others point of veiw as well and also learn to respect others .School is not just a place to learn on subjects it also teaches us the basic values and brotherhood.Plus in school you are not only marked as per your grade ,their are sports ,co-scholatics activites and of course our values; the way we interact.You can also discuss your issue's or personal issue with the teacher they can guied you which done online. As well as we learn caring n sharing

  • It wont teach you social manners/skills

    If you are cocooned up in your house all day then you wont know the actions of the people your age. You wouldn't ever know how to act which therefore you become antisocial. When you are antisocial you don't make friends. Plus online education does not give you the hands on activities you are required to do in school.

  • Losing Social Skills

    While Online Schooling may be effective, their social skills are not improved at all. In the real life environment, you have to communicate correctly with others in order to get on with life. While some may have friends or family to keep their social skills intact, that does not necessarily mean that skills are improved.

    Many schools have team-building activities that require students to work together to succeed and I very much doubt many online schools have these, especially since most have you go one-on-one with a teacher or instructor.

  • Not Beneficial At All

    It is not beneficial because if you stare at a screen for too long you can damage your eyes. Yeah, you can go at your own pace, but you can get backed up on your learning and you are just going to fail and have to get more learning needed, so why not just go to school? It doesn't make sense.

  • Online Education

    No, I do not think that online learning is more effective than traditional learning. Having a teacher teach you and having a class full of peers to help you along the way would be more beneficial to most people. Online learning lets you go at your own pace, so you might not keep up with your studies.

  • No, online education is not more effective than traditional learning.

    It is true that online education is more convenient than traditional learning because people can get learning at their convenience, which will surely allow them to study and work together. However, tradition learning, learning in classroom is much more effective for many reasons. First, student can better concentrate on the lecture since teachers are in front of them, which is especially true in small class learning. Besides, students can ask questions and get answers immediately in class and will have wonderful opportunity to hear their peer's fresh and innovative ideas, which will challenge them to study harder.

  • No, traditional education is more useable

    Online education isn't nearly as effective as traditional learning. While it holds many perks, such as privacy, less stress, and more personalized learning, online education can't bring you the academics that attending a live college or school can.

    For the most part, students are on their own. They don't really get the added social knowledge that school brings which can be used later in life.

  • Online courses are taken less seriously

    Take it from me or anybody that has taken an online course in college, they aren't looked upon as "real" classes. While they are still capable of teaching valuable things, not physically having to commit to a time and place makes the experience seem less legitimate. Online resources can be used effectively in the classroom, but they cannot replace it.

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johnitaly says2014-02-19T07:45:08.140
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