Is Online Education More Effective Then Traditional Education.

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  • Traditional Education Symbolizes "No Child Left Behind" Policy

    No Communism, please.

    The traditional education, for many people, symbolizes the No Child Left Behind policy! As is the consensus, the law has failed with an ever-increasing high school drop out rates, detention rates, and so on.

    The traditional education basically restrains the gifted in favor of the not-so-gifted. It assures "equal rights"(did we ever have equal rights?). Thus, by restraining those who seek the better for themselves-via the SO SLOWNESS of the school system- the government is basically leaning toward communism. My 8th grade class last year spent a semester learning about word contractions like "can't" because many kids "forgot" due to lack of its necessity when texting.

    Online education allows each student to go at their pace, allowing them to test their potential! That, in my opinion, is necessary.

  • I support both cases.

    I believe that online education offers so much more but on the other hand traditional education gives you social interaction you can not get while studying online. Also, in school you gain necessery skills to fit in socially what then boost your employability. I think joining nline education with traditional one would be the best.

  • Much better then Traditional Education

    With online Education you can have entire world at your finger tips. With a computer you can look up ANYTHING like math or science. And you have so much more information then a text book. You can also go to different websites that can show you anything. Traditional Education cant offer that to you the way online Education does.

  • Salman's Khan Academy.

    In professional grade experiments conducted across the globe, it has been empirically determined that students who live in Asia and Europe have far transgressed the educational systems offered in much of North and South America, where the teaching methodology has become: Learn one concept and apply it. In Japan and China, the method is more abstract and student-corrosive: Learn this concept, apply it in abstract and convoluted forms; self discover. Khan Academy, which is an educational website that embodies online education, has a distinctly American teaching method, with the employment of the traditional learn and repeat methodology. We need to employ the revolutionary teaching of the schools and institutions in much of Asia, where students are taking international curriculum examinations for Americans and scoring perfect scores across the board in almost every subject strand that is geared towards American standards and American grading scales.

    We must transcend traditional American teaching pedagogy.

  • Not at all

    Education is more than just learning facts. A proper education also gives a person the proper skills they need to succeed in the world. That includes personal interaction skills. If all you need to get an education was a laptop, then why do we still even have schools? It's because school is about more than just learning subjects; it's also about giving people social interaction so that they can apply those skills when they are looking for/have jobs.

  • Let's have a mix

    As a person who has studies on her own via a computer, I see the potential. But it's not better that going to school, you miss out on a whole lot of things. You miss out on having a teacher helping you out, explaining things to you, asking you questions that will make you think and inspire/motivate you. At least the good teachers does, wether or not todays teachers are good enough is a different debate.

    When you sit at home in front of your computer, and I speak of experience, it's forst of all much easier to procrastinate. It's easier to get lost in the other possibilities sitting in front of a computer has. It might be easier to get more concentrated knowledge in your own paste too, but the cons far outweighs the pros in my opinion.

    I am all in for a mix. Having videos the student will watch in class like we have books now, so the teacher don't always have to present the material to everyone in the class at the same time but they can all do it in their own paste. But still have the good things about a teacher and the social aspect. One thing the school system where I'm from focuses a lot on is group work as well, and you can't have that when you sit alone in front of a computer.

    Have a mix of the two, introduce computers and online learning material into the classroom, but keep learning in the classroom especially with the younger students, when it comes to college it's a different story but there the social aspect and group work and communication with the teacher is still very important.

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