• I am a massive gamer

    Before I had online I played the same games over and over as I had no other option. When i got online i had a much better time. I have been trolled, I have been bullied but it is easily avoidable and rare. The reason for bans blocks and reporting is to stop these trolls from doing anything. I have met a lot of nice people. I can talk to my friends and it can challenge me. As a big gamer I thing online is better than offline. But everyone is different. Have a great day everyone =)

  • Yes it is

    I think you should try playing online. Yes bullying and trolling happens but its safe and fun. But also bullying and trolling happen on here and at school and every where there i always trolling and bullying is every where and you cant just judge it on there. My opinion

  • It's not a yes or no answer.

    It's all in what a particular person wants at the time. Lots of people have a ton of fun both ways. There is usually the social aspect on the online experience, and that appeals to many people, but in no way is that somehow "necessary" - to each, their own.

  • I don't know.

    Since I've never played online (apart from clash of clans), I have no idea. Although, I do know bullying and trolling goes on throughout online gaming. Technically I would think it would be fun to play with other people apart from playing split screen with friends, but until then, my answer is no.

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