• Yes, Think of unique riddles, Puzzles, Logic deductions

    If school is not wrote memorization and instead all of the above people would potentially like to learn that do not because of wrote memorization is the absurd amount of repetitive assignments which causes them to not like learning. There are more fun, More effective forms of memorization for example thinking about something until it is committed to long term memory, And
    Wrote memorization is the least effective form of memorization and over 75% forget what they quickly committed to short term or long term memory because of a "test" and forget over 80% or all the next day. If this is the type of assignments then then there is no different between looking up answers and not, If you like to learn learn the way you want to; if you don't you can't learn effectively.

  • Of course it does!

    Online learning has so much good and bad but I'm a positive person that focuses on the good things. First, You don't need to worry about school drama and the stinky school bus and gym locker rooms. 2nd, You can learn much quicker and easier online if you have the proper mindset, And finally, You don't need to waste passing and lunch time. You can eat and do your math at the same time. Very pleasant in my opinion.

  • Online learning is affective in a good way.

    One point is that if a really bad sickness is going around and school is closed you can Do online learning. One other point is, If you need to write an essay about anything but you do not know what you want to write about you can look online and learn what you want to write about.

  • The reason why I think learning online is effective because

    Learning online is effective because it helps people learn during these bad times this year. If there was no school people would start stop remembering school facts and people would just become brain dead. That is why I think we should have school during these thingsvery very very bad times

  • Online all the way

    In my school we don't have to do munch of dress code as public or blened learning. I can wear my own clothes but it can be rude. You can still learn if you get sick with stomach bug. I aslo think the classes will last less than 40 minutes.

  • It has the potential for too much distraction

    Personally, I found that online learning had some benefits, Yes its nice to be able to eat while working or whatever. But I found myself texting my friends and paying less attention than normal. Im in a private school setting, With smaller classes, But I think this applies to all online learning. There is a lot more potential for kids to get distracted by their phones and friends, And less ability on the teacher's end to regulate cell phone use

  • Software is easily hacked

    As my county figured out switching to online learning because of the coronavirus, They encountered a lot of problems due to the insecurity of the software they needed to use (like zoom) being hacked and people putting inappropriate stuff on the screen. Also theres no way to actually ensure attendance or make sure kids aren't just searching google the answers to the questions. There are honestly many many more drawbacks to virtual learning than there are benefits.

  • Two Perspectives on the Issue

    I am a freshman in college. During the second half of my second semester of high school, I experienced what it is like to have virtual learning as a high school student. Now that I am at a university, And some of my classes are online, I have some experience with what it is like to learn online in a college setting. In both cases, I feel as though my ability to learn is greatly hampered. In my personal experience, And I like to think of myself as fairly intelligent, If I am not in an environment conducive to learning, I will not learn as effectively. This is due to a myriad of factors, Such as not being to ask questions as easily and not being able to foster a proper classroom discourse on any given subject, However, I believe that the most important issue with online learning is the typical environment one may find themselves when learning remotely. There are many temptations which may be found in the comfort of one's own bedroom that are absent in a typical classroom. Things such as video games, The ability to get on your phone at any moment, The ability to be focused on something completely different, Etc. These temptations are far to great for your average high schooler, And this is also true for a good portion of college students as well. In my humble opinion, Although it may be necessary for the times, Online learning is incredibly counterproductive for the task of truly teaching a student.

  • It increases dilly-dallying.

    Online learning cannot be monitored as well as actual schooling allowing children to do anything but learn. Not all students have access to constant technology either and some have restrictions on where they can go and what websites are allowed to be used. Students can't concentrate as well because, In classrooms, It is monitored and has restrictions whereas home may have more distractions and less monitoring. Students may also choose not to attend class if they feel like it not knowing it affects their learning.

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Krystan says2020-08-27T05:22:20.337
People have different views about whether online learning is effective or not. In my opinion, Learning throughout the internet, Which is very convenient to take part in it. Life is likely more comfortable and beneficial because whenever someone needs, They have access to networking sites, And they study any fields in many places. When they want to have a better quality of life, Learning in a flexible time, Sitting in one place and get knowledge on the other side of the world, It is entirely possible. Especially during this challenging time, Learning online is the best way to choose, And it is no need to worry about it. Nowadays, Technology could allow us to know from any part of the world instead of directly going to the school.

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