• Online store purchases are bad for Australian retailers

    Due to Goods and Services Tax being placed on Local stores physical store prices are increased unlike the online stores which prices are evidently lower. Australian retailers are going to run out of business from everyone buying online instead and many Australians will lose their work and jobs. I believe it will affect Ausy retailers

  • No, online shopping is not bad for Australian retailers.

    Online shopping is a good opportunity for Australian retailers to reach more consumers. They just have to adapt to the changing market and stay ahead of the retailers that are not able to change. This forward thinking gives Australian retailers a chance to get ahead of retailers from other countries.

  • It is a good thing.

    Online shopping provides more competition in the marketplace. They will be able to get good for a lower price. In addition to this the shopping will be more convienent. The only thing that will be bad is that they will have to get something they need immediately from brick and mortar stores.

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