• I Suppose It Worked

    I think one could say that overall the operation was successful, therefore I would have to assume it was a good idea. I think the publication of the operation before it takes place made it a very humane operation since it gave people time to disperse and move away from the area of fighting before hand. I guess the future will tell us if it will remain a success story.

  • Finishing the job.

    Yes, Operation Moshtarak is a good idea, because there was no point in going into Afghanistan if we were not going to do the job. Moshtarak is an important operation because they have to take out all of the Taliban's defenses. Unless it is completely obliterated, like a virus, it will find a way to grow again.

  • The locals think so.

    This happened four years ago, and for those who don't remember it was part of the troop surge in Afghanistan. Various Afghan officials called it "the most successful operation we have ever carried out". So I think I'll take their word for it. They are happy with the end result, making it a good idea.

  • Yes, Operation Moshtarak is a good idea.

    I definitely think that Operation Moshtarak is a good idea. The operation is being conducted by a couple of allied countries and military forces in an effort to take care of some last remaining enemy combatants. Such effort should be supported by the people and citizen so each of the nations involved.

  • No, I think Operation Moshtarak was a bad idea.

    While the idea behind it was Nobel and had good intentions the result of the operation were a failure and ended up being described as a disaster. There are some certain groups of people who are not interested in peaceful ways and the Taliban terrorist are one of those groups.

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