Is opposition to gay marriage like supporting apartheid?

  • Yes, the core belief is the same.

    Apartheid was about discrimination based on race. Opposition to gay marriage is about discrimination based on sexual orientation. Neither race nor orientation are chosen, and denying a person the same rights as the rest of the population based solely on an inborn characteristic is not just discrimination, but morally reprehensible.

  • Opposition to gay marriage is like supporting apartheid.

    Opposition to gay marriage is like supporting apartheid because it is a denial of civil rights. Gay people should be able to practice marriage because it is a basic civil right. Although apartheid was a separation of races rather than sexes, it was also a form of prejudice discrimination against a marginalized group.

  • Yes it is.

    The opposition to gay marriage is just like supporting apartheid. If you are opposing gay marriage, you are saying that gay people are not your equals and are lesser human beings. This is wrong, no matter what you try to argue. You are not better then someone who is a racist.

  • Yes, it's always easy to oppose those different from yourself.

    The only way to deal with this concept is to try to imagine yourself being gay and not being able to be married. If it's the other person, it might seem fine, but if it is you then the whole thing looks different. Oppression is oppression and yes these two are similar.

  • No, opposing gay marriage is not like apartheid

    Opposing gay marriage is merely upholding the belief that marriage is for man and woman, not man and man or woman and woman. However, I don't think it's like apartheid, which was actively discriminating against people; I still think that homosexuals should be treated exactly the same as everyone else despit opposing gay marriage.

  • Absolutely Never and Not

    Opposing gay marriage is upholding the knowledge that we all have, but are pretending we don't.

    We all know that a boy has a penis and a girl has a vagina.

    We all know that the only way homosexuals can have sexual intercourse is with the digestive system of the other person.

    We all know that homosexuality is not normal.

    The problem is that you have all been brainwashed into thinking that somewhere, somehow, it might be. The brainwashing is explained here:

    But deep down, you know it's not normal. Homosexuals will forever battle psychological problems, because deep down they know that it is not normal. The only way they can possible be at peace with themselves is by acknowleding they have a problem that is not normal. How they deal with that is up to them, and it may or may not involve living a homosexual lifestyle. But they will forever battle with themselves psychologically until they do admit it's not normal.

    To support gay marriage is not going to help homosexuals overcome their demons. It might help them feel a bit better ocassionally but that's about it.

    Unfortunately it's also going to have horrendous affects on society. Pretending it's normal and encouraging it by making it worthwhile of celebration is pure evil. Our childrens thoughts will be more confused than ever. They will not be able to tell the difference between friendship and love. There will be no little voice that tells our kids that homosexuality is wrong. Straights and slightly bisexual kids will be experimenting more and more with gay sex and suffering from the issues homosexuals suffer from - the creation and spread of disease, the psychological problems, the increase in substance abuse and domestic violence.

    Gay Activism is pure evil. Normalising homosexuality is pure evil. By supporting it you are supporting the sexual abuse of our poor children. Please, stop this nonsense before it is too late.

  • No, not exactly

    In America, homosexuals, for the most part, have the same rights as straight people (right to life, vote, fair trial etc.) and they can work with and go to school with straight people. They even have the right to live with their partner, not having the right to a document claiming that they are technically "married" is no where near as bad as apartheid was. I support gay marriage and I know marriage has it's benefits but opposition to gay marriage is no where near as bad as apartheid.

  • Opposition To Gay Marriage Not Same as Supporting Apartheid

    By opposing gay marriage, a person isn't doing the same thing as supporting Apartheid. While opposing gay marriage is somewhat bigoted, a person is allowed to have their own opinions. Not everyone needs to support gay marriage, but homosexual couples do deserve the same rights as everyone else in this country.

  • Two seperate issues

    I don't see a correlation at all between these two things. The first is a social and societal question of tolerance. The second is governmental ideal that holds in the balance who rules over your country, and how. It's like asking,"Is communism akin to marijuana reform?" You can't take two separate issues, and liken them to each other.

  • No I don't believe it is.

    While I have no personal objection to anybody's sexual life choices (obviously it's none of my business) I do care geatly about what marriage means. Now while I know that this is not a popular opinion today, I nevertheless believe that this debate is only scratching the surface of the issues facing our society. I grew up in the apartheid era, this discussion doesn't come close to it. So I vote against this erroneous motion.

  • No it is not.

    No. Saying who can be married who is one attribute of apartheid, but it is not the same thing. Apartheid is separating living places, working areas, eating areas, buying areas, drinking areas, educational areas, etc. Preventing gay marriage is discriminatory, but not the same as Apartheid. Not by a long shot.

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