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  • Just consider the alternative.

    Being pessimistic is a negative reaction to a situation that may otherwise be positive. Rarely is the situation so bad that a positive response can't change the outcome for the better. Optimism is kin to the ripple in the pond. Good energy encourages more good energy which makes the world a better place.

  • True Optimists Know All the Sides.

    Being a real optimist, one knows all the possibilities of an outcome, knows how to deal with the worst situations that may come in the best ways, then goes forward with eyes on the goal. People are naturally goal-oriented, As such, to move forward in life, one must focus on what one wants, what the best outcome would be, learn from failures, and keep moving toward the gold. We have known for some time that the mind is a very, very powerful thing. Most people do not utilize its power like they could.

  • A bit more on Optimism.

    I expect the good things in life but acknowledge that life can be pretty bad. Observing the behaviors in people and their outcomes, it seems that "what you expect, you will get, and will not forget." On the other side, I tend to like not using optimism or pessimism to define me, meaning that it is best to see both sides of life and weigh good and bad outcomes and judge upon that.

  • Being Optimistic is Better.

    It forces you to have better coping skills. You go out and seek advise from friend, families, books or the internet. You are more sensitive to constructive humor. You are less likely to take people's bad attitude towards ypu personal. You just tell yourself that this person is having a bad day. You are more thankful for the things you have around you.
    I think the key to being an optimistic person is to have realistic goals and remind yourself that you are a human being with imperfections.

  • I'm sorta balanced

    Let's face it, I know that this world can be an ugly place, but I do have Jesus in my life to help me through the hard times. At most, hard times are the worst I'll ever get. Lol. When the bad times come I won't be surprised. I can't help but agree with Kaister a bit too.

  • Optimism never changes anything.

    If you only see the good side, you would ignore the bad side so do nothing about it. History is filled with people who did not see the good side to a situation. They saw the bad and took measures to change it. In the U.S. we have freedom of speech and nobody uses this freedom to discuss point out the good side.

  • It depends on the situation.

    Optimists dream up of new things but pessimists keep them on the ground. There is no set "better" way of thinking. It's all relative depending on the situation. There have been plenty of people who have changed the world that were optimists. The same can be said for pessimists. Again, it's all relative.

  • Being pessimistic is Best

    Being optimistic most/all the time makes life more difficult in general, because if your always hoping for the best outcomes the failures and tragedies in life are much more painful.Being pessimistic isnt about being depressed, gloomy, or even sad people are just anticipating the worse from situations in general that way it wont be as much as a surprise then.
    Always prepare for the worse outcome so you can overcome that.

  • I am a pessimist.

    As a pessimist. I am a dark cloud most of the time. However, I am often pleasantly surprised when things go right and if it doesn't I am already expecting it to go wrong. Whereas optimist that I know, they hit the ground hard when things go awfully wrong. Their optimism only last as long as they can pretend and have the will to pretend things will get fine. When the reality that things may not get better hits them. They seem to hit this downward spiral.

  • It really depends. No, because of neutral.

    I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic. Seeing in black and white disregards what can be, and what is. Seeing neutral, you look at both sides. I may be more pessimistic (I am neutral overall, definitely), but either way, optimism covers up the inevitable and other sides to the equation. Kaiser made a great point. Pessimism can be stereotyped as "negative", but that's not always the case. Optimism, I often see, lacks humility, etc. I'm not saying optimists are typically self-centered and whatnot, but it lacks realization to some extents. Both sides can be good, but I go for pessimism, but most of all, neutral.

  • This is not a debate of moderatism. Comparing total optimism and total pessimism, the latter wins out.

    An optimistic perspective blinds a person to the flaws of their world, or at least they dismiss these flaws. Compared to pessimism, there is no room in person's perspective to see and improve their world, a quality that pessimism provides. "Hope is a poison most easily swallowed" is another concept worth considering; optimism is innately vulnerable to the inevitable tragedies and downfalls in everyone's lives, whereas pessimism prepares them for these tragedies and thus are not so blindsided, and additionally are open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised.

  • The Best way of life Is To suspect the Worse

    If Your optimistic most the time then the failures and tragedies in life are even more harmful to yourself (mentally & emotionally). Being pessimistic does not mean your depressed or emo or even sad, it just means that your always anticipating for the worse outcomes in most/any situations in life.

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A_Flying_Toaster says2014-04-13T21:56:08.787
Let's all agree that being a realist is the best way to go.