• Surely HE has Bourne our grief and carried our sorrows

    Didn't Jesus Christ bear all of humanities suffering on the cross? We are asked to pick up our cross daily and follow him. To me that means to offer our pains and sufferings of daily life and lay them on him. He is the Son of God. He suffered once for all of us on the cross. Any trivial self inflicted pain that Opus Dei ascribed to is an insult to the Supreme Being. They are menial, unnecessary and insult the ultimate Sacrificier. Once for all. No more needed. Only our adoration and love. To mimic His suffering is an insult to the Almighty.

  • Opus Dei Too Extreme

    Opus Dei as an organization is too extreme, even for the Catholic Church. Its members are overzealous as members try to take the pain of Jesus Christ on themselves by making self-inflicted wounds on their bodies. Opus Dei is an organization that brainwashes its members, but at least those who are in the organization know what they are getting into when they join.

  • No, I don't believe Opus Dei is too controlling of its members.

    Opus Dei has long been a secretive organization with many strict rules, the majority of members lead normal and ordinary lives on top of their religious duties to the organization, only a minority of people in Opus Dei have dedicated their entire lives to the organization, I believe anyone involved in it is doing so willingly and enjoys their work.

  • Opus Dei is not too controlling

    Opus Dei is a very strict group. However the members know that beforehand and agree to it. If a member does not like the rules, they are full free to leave the group. There is no law that makes them stay members of Opus Dei if they do not want to.

  • Its members choose to live like that.

    Nope. I don't think that Opus Dei is too controlling of its members. It's an extreme cult that affiliates with the Catholic Church. There is no question in anyone's mind just how bizarre the world of Opus Dei is. The members know what they're getting into, they chose that lifestyle, it was not imposed upon them.

  • Opus Dei is not too controlling

    Opus Dei is not too controlling of its members. It needs a certain amount of structure for their members to abide by in order for the group to run the way it needs to. Some people would not like how their members are handled but that is the same with many groups of people.

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