• Yes, but the biggest issue is price

    There are issues related to price, its not often the easiest thing to be able to afford but the organic food has little to no chemicals, most of the meet is grain fed and not corn fed. These are less cancerous, less dangerous to your body and your body has an easier time working it through.

  • Yes.

    Well, barring price, as organic foods tend to be noticeably more expensive than regular foods that have pesticides and stuff. But on the whole, the fact that there are no potentially dangerous chemicals interacting and hiding in the food is much better for you, your body, and your state of mind.

  • There is a higher risk of contamination.

    Organic food has absolutely no benefits, either to individuals (there has been no evidence that organic food produces any sort of health benefits), or to society. An estimate by Nobel prize winning scientist Norman Borlaug, if the world decided to go to use organic methods for food production, the lower crop yields would mean that only enough food could be grown to support 4 billion people. Several billion would starve to death.

    More importantly though, Organic food was linked to 8% of the cases of E.Coli contamination in the U.S., even though only 1% of the food eaten in the U.S. Is organic. So, you're 8 times more likely to get sick from organic food.

    It should also be noted that the term 'organic' is often misunderstood. Pesticides and fertilizers ARE used in the production of organic foods; however, because they are more "natural" they are often more inefficient; as a result, greater quantities need to be used.

  • Not necessarily

    Really, inorganic food can be just as healthy for you, if not healthier, than organic food. Just because something has "chemicals" in it does not mean it is bad. There are plenty of chemicals and enhancements that help the food. There are even some things used in organic food that are potentially more dangerous, such as some fertilizers. Just because it is labelled organic does not automatically mean healthier.

  • No, organic food is not better for you.

    Whether or not a food is organic has no bearing on whether or not it is good for you. An organically produced orange carrot is not good for us because it is not even real food. It is a hybrid, or genetically created food. The foods that are good for us are those that produce their own seeds and can give our bodies energy. Good foods kill acid and don't produce acid. Even though some acid killing foods are ruined by pesticides,simply calling a food organic does not turn an acid producing food into something good for us.

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