• Yes, for the most part

    Sometimes, organic foods are healthier than conventional food--in fact, in most cases they are. There are occasions where whether it is organic does not matter, such as is the case with bananas, but in general there is a higher quality of food with more nutrients. All food used to be organic.

  • Organic food is healthier that conventional food.

    I believe that organic food is healthier than conventional food because of the way that it is grown. Organic food is not treated with any pesticides, which are harmful. It is also more natural and does not contain any fillers or additives that conventional food might contain. That is the reason organic food is healthier than conventional food.

  • Hold the Hormones, Please!

    Years ago, 'Organic Food' was simply known as food. Produce and livestock were grown without chemicals like antibiotics, growth hormones, colour-flavor enhancing gases, or agents for ripening. While pesticides were minimal and fertilizers were used centuries ago, they came from natural sources and are still being utilized on farms today that choose to use non-chemical or low-chemical sources. The fact that these chemicals are added to produce at any point during their harvest means that traces, and most often the chemical itself, remains with the product even in a person’s digestive tract. Any food-safety expert will tell you that cooking meat is not to kill the bacteria alone, but to neutralize the toxins as well (when applicable) since that is a more major cause of foodborne illness. When it comes to hormones, antibiotics, and the like, there is no amount of heat that can kill or neutralize the presence of them. That means that even raw fruits and vegetables tainted by ripening agents or growth hormones carry not only their natural goodness, but also the unnatural and hidden dangers of the chemicals in and on them (which do not wash off like most pesticides, either). When given the choice between eating something that comes from a tin can or a home-cooked meal, most people will choose the home-cooked meal because canned food is processed and usually not as tasty as well as less healthy. In the same regard, organic food should be preferred because it does not go through processing and, if opinions were gathered, would retain more of their delicious natural flavors than even those added by the best experts in the food producing industry!

  • No, organic food is not healther than conventional food.

    While some organic foods do taste better, I do not really see a benefit to them other than that. Sure, some organic foods are produced in better conditions and processes, but there isn't any proof that they are healthier. I think until there are concrete proof that there are benefits to organic foods, I do not see them being the better choice.

  • It might have diseases.

    No, organic food is not healthier than conventional food, because there might be problems with food that is grown organically, because organic food is more liable to disease. Without pesticides, there might be worms or other problems that are problematic if the person eats them. Conventional food has had steps taken to protect the food.

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