• It has all its natural vitamins and minerals.

    Non-organic food has chemicals and pesticides that destroy the genetic make-up of the food. The chemicals and pesticides might still be in the food when we eat them. For example, if a potato had chemicals and pesticides used to grow it, the potato would be induced with chemicals and when we eat them the chemicals will destroy a part of our body.

  • Organic food can simply be trusted more than conventional foods with chemical poisons sprayed all over them.

    Organic foods are FAR MORE REGULATED than conventional foods. The org industry requires a 3rd-party certification stamp that all rules are followed (on the fields and in the plants); this includes prohibiting synthetic chemicals ARE NOT USED! Farms are visited once a year, unannounced. There is no such system in place at all for growing and processing conventional foods. NONE. The USDA and FDA both allow conventional foods to have poisons on them, chemicals included like aspartame, GMO's, HFCS, etc to be included which results in the most unhealthy country in the world- the good ol' USA! Buy Organic it matter what goes into your body.

  • Lose weight, feel great.

    When I was 100 lbs. overweight I did something about it and started eating organic only. I lost those lbs. And feel great. Now I maintain that weight by eating only organic without the poison in it. Top 15 benefits of eating organic.

    1-Lost 100lbs of fat.
    2-Stopped all my joint pains.
    3-Stopped all my hair loss.
    4-Clear out the foggy thinking.
    5-Stopped my sleep apnea.
    6-Stopped my short windedness.
    7-Stopped my pain and cramps with constant diarrhea.
    8-My skin problems cleared up.
    9-Cleared up my numbing hands and feet.
    10-No more ulcers, and the pain associated with them.
    11-Stopped all my back pain.
    12-No prescription meds.
    13.Gave me back my energy.
    14.Stopped my ill temperedness.
    15-Gave back my restful sleep.

  • Organic food may not look as pretty but it certainly will help maintain your health.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unless of course it is loaded with a hodge podge of harmful pesticides and other additives. Sure, these items can make that fruit of yours appear pristine and delightfully appetizing. For me, however, the aesthetics and appearances of the fruit mean less as opposed to consuming a natural, fresh fruit that may have some bumps, bruises, and imperfections. Many of the additives and pesticides, while making the fruit pleasant to the eye, have been linked to a variety of health issues that are far less pleasant.

    Posted by: snuggle muffin
  • I would like to add that Organic food tastes much much better, which in my opinion leads to better dietary choices.. Especially with children.

    Organic food tastes way different.... Raw and frozen veggies have so much more flavor and just taste ... Right. The meat and fish tastes way better... I hated shrimp and similar foods all my life until i tried some frozen organic shrimp that tasted better than any "fresh" or frozen i have ever had. Everything in my opinion tastes way better. If you put food in front of me and asked which was which, i would easily be able to discern ... My children always stereotypically act like most vegetables seemingly were not worth eating... Once we started buying organic the children are thanking us for vegetables and asking for more... I have caught myself not thinking and filling up on broccoli, waiting for a steak to finish....

  • Healthy For Environment and YOU!!

    The farming methods of the organic industry are designed to care for the environment, as well as the people consuming the food. As opposed to genetically engineered cropping which encourages the production of 'super weeds'. Also the conventional methods of farming causes leaching of chemicals into the environment. This can get into our water ways and have devastating effects to the human body. Therefore non-organic farmers are effectively 'shooting themselves in the foot'. This is because, soon their crops will be barren, they will go broke and be forced off their land. Organic farmers however are propelling themselves in the other direction. Their crops are becoming more and more rich in nutrients, causing the plants to be healthier and the food produced, more tasty.

  • Yes, yes, yes!

    I think it certainly is! It is way healthier for people to eat organics, because the non-organics do contain GM, or are soaked with pesticide. I sure think there are many more unhealthy ways people deal with non-organics, but all I know is that I wish these horrid deeds should stop!

  • I think so because healthy foods such as fruits and vegtables contain vitamins. But were are the vitamins in chips or pop.

    What kind of good and healthy foods are there besides fruits and vegtables and vitamins, nothing because factories are creating poison to put in our food. There aloud to put poison in our foods but there minimizing the amount of healthy foods so that we would be unhealthy and eventually die.

  • Growing food without the chemicals and pesticides is healthier than non-organic food, as those chemicals may cause cancer.

    Using the science of organic gardening is healthier than using chemicals and pesticides. Stopping insects from procreation by using their own hormones is safer then using chemicals that kill every living thing and run down to streams and rivers, killing the fish, even in the sea. The risk to humans has not been proved, but seems likely to be a cause of cancer.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • I agree the organic food is healthier than non-organic food, because it is free from chemicals.

    Organic food is free of chemicals, pesticides and other non-natural ingredients that are common in factory farmed non-organic food. Organic food can assure you that you are missing these chemicals and that your food is healthier, because it is growing more naturally. In addition, it helps the environment, which helps us to be healthier, overall.

    Posted by: PaleMason
  • Organic food is more likely to have insect damage.

    If you LIKE wormy fruit and vegetables, stunted and over-priced, be my guest. Think of it as evolution in action.

  • No, I don't think organic food is any better, because non-organic food is more regulated.

    I don't think that organic food is any better than non-organic food. I think it's more expensive than the non-organic food and, in some cases, it could be worse for you. You don't know what kind of chemicals people may use on their organic food, and you could be allergic to some of them.

    Posted by: NollBad
  • Organic food is not healthier than non-organic foods because health is based on how much and what you put into your body

    Organic food is not healthier than non-organic foods because health is based on how much and what you put into your body. A person's health is not measured by how a particular food was processed. There are obvious merits to eating organic foods related to factors such as the environment. However, this question is strictly asking about a person's health. Eating only organic or mostly organic does not stop someone from being obese. It also does not mean a person can avoid getting heart disease or any type of disease for that matter. Instead, health is about eating moderately and making sure to get one's daily intake of dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables - organic or not.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • Organic is a meaningless label that has lost what value it had. The genuine item would be more valuable but we need to reclaim the definition.

    Organic has had a sea change in meaning away from the idea o small farms making locally grown food in transparent ways. There's nothing about a factory far that can be organic in the spirit of it and there's everything organic about hydro and aeroponics that is local, small scale, and transparent. We need accountable, respect for our food and access without a huge imbalance of power. Organic eggs can't come from egg machines, even if there are chickens as part of that machine. It's the concept of organic and not a way to retool the definition that we need to have happy, healthy people with food security.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • Non-organic foods are just as healthy as organic foods which are often mislabeled.

    I have found that there is no clear definition of an "organic" food. When a food is properly prepared, whether organic or non-organic, it tends to have the same health benefits. Many times the only difference is that the "organic" food costs more. It is like adding Polo to a shirt. I live in Florida which has many fruits and vegetables. It is a disservice to the farmer to label food as inferior because it does not have the ?organic? label.

    Posted by: 54nt4Karn
  • I do not think that organic foods are healthier than non-organic food, because they are both essentially the same.

    Organic foods are the exact same as non-organic foods. Both have to pass stringent tests before they can be placed on the shelves, to ensure that no pesticides or any other chemicals are present. Organic foods have more to do with a lifestyle choice, and not wanting to support a farming organization that uses chemicals or pesticides. But, the food itself is not any more healthy than non-organic food.

    Posted by: TiresomeLorenzo
  • Organic food is not healthier than non-organic food, because the only difference is that it just costs more.

    All growers who supply food for our stores have to be registered and certified, and their food products are regulated and inspected before the food reaches the consumer. Organic foods are merely grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We, as a nation, have been eating non-organics for years, and we have had very few health problems stemming from consumption of these foods. Whoever started the organic movement has done a wonderful job marketing the so-called benefits of organics over non-organics, and they have added hefty prices to their products, which most American consumers cannot afford to pay.

    Posted by: ep0xihusky
  • Organic food is just a marketing gimmick.

    While organic food may have less chemicals help in its growth process, I don't believe that it is healthier than non-organic foods. Basically all that you are doing to get organic foods is using natural alternatives in pesticides and growth processes. What you get in the end is the same exact food but the organic food just costs a lot more but isn't any different otherwise.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I do not agree that organic food is healthier.

    I do not believe organic food is healthier as most of the latest recalls of food products I have read about seem to have to do with organic foods. They do not seem to be as regulated like other foods. It seems that while they try to grow these food naturally, they somehow seem to get more contaminated, which is turn can cause serious illness.

    Posted by: EantDirty
  • So-called organic food is not healthier but it is more expensive.

    If it is cheaper and easier to grow organic food because pesticides and other artificial means of growing are taken out of the equation, one has to wonder why organically grown produce and meats are so much more expensive. I don't believe that organically grown foods are healthier in any real way. What I do believe is that there are always people who will buy into a notion or idea if they are scared into it and that is the case with organic foods vs. traditionally grown foods.

    Posted by: N3vinFace

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AllenJordan says2019-07-27T13:11:45.703
Of course organic food is healthier. The lack of pesticide is reason enough to believe that organic is healthier. I read a study somewhere that switching to organic food gives you additional antioxidants. That is supposedly equivalent to an extra portion of fruit and vegetables. Also, Because organic food doesn't have preservatives, It is fresher to eat. As for the meat, Since the animals are not given any boosters, They are at low risk of contacting diseases. That's why organic food is getting very popular. Mail food delivery services even have their own organic alternative. Related info here: https://bit. Ly/2Kb9xkL

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