• Overpriced and healthy?

    I think that food in general is overpriced - but that's also because of shortages. Organic food often drives people away with a high sticker price because of budgets- but I believe that the people who are buying organic food could argue that by feeding themselves food not treated with chemicals that maybe they see their doctors less, they feel better, and have less anxiety perhaps than those who don't pay attention to the labels and may have more health problems. I can see both sides of the expense fence here-- but I do think in the long run, farmer's markets and organic foods would be worth the money in the long run.

  • Yes

    Yes, organic food are worth the expensive. Food with less unhealthy fillers make you feel more full, thus making you eat less in the long run. Organic foods also has less of a chance of being contaminated by pesticides. Organic foods are more healthier and nutritious then conventionally grown foods.

  • No, it is not

    No. Non organic food has been growing for decades now and people have been eating all the time. I do not believe paying more for organic is worth it, although if organic is the same price as non organic, then it could be bought. Organic food did not help Steve Jobs and probably is no better than regularly grown food.

  • No

    No I do not think organic food is worth the expense. If you pay attention to labels and buy fresh, non-processed foods, you do not have to buy organic. You also will not pay more for this food. I think organic is used as a way to charge more for food and there is really no way to prove that it is in fact organic.

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