• YES: Organic does a body good

    I believe organic food is worth the investment. Our bodies are precious and we only get one during our short lifespan. We should nourish our bodies with healthy organic food and avoid harmful food. In addition to the fact that organic food is healthy for the body, such food gives us more energy and helps us to feel better about life. Organic food is worth the investment, but we need to do our research. There are many products in grocery stores labeled as organic that really aren’t.

  • Go green, be healthy - should be a new trend. Someone make a pop song about it.

    I believe that it truly is worth the long term investment and I wish that more people would support and advocate for it. It's easier to get behind being healthy, eating healthy, and feeding healthy when it's a widespread. It's like when there's a new fashion trend that everyone is wearing- or a new pop song that everyone is listening to. It is so worth the investment and I think that would go a long way to helping the earth heal from chemicals that coat the ground.

  • Yes, it is worth the cost.

    Doing the right thing is almost always a little more expensive and time-consuming. Organic food is healthier and more sustainable for the planet. It involves less exploitation and offers fair pay to those who work in the industry. Although it costs more, the benefits nutritionally and socially outweigh the added financial cost.

  • Yes - Worth It to Be Chemical & Pesticide Free

    Yes, organic food is worth the investment. We should be afraid to feed our families any food that is not organic. Farmers and growers are using so many chemicals and pesticides any more that we can no longer be sure of what is in our food or how it might affect our families. The only choice we have to avoid these dangers is to either grow our foods ourselves or make the choice to purchase organic.

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