Is organizing sport competition in Africa a waste of resources?

  • Yes it is because they need support in other areas first

    Education is all i can say. With their population increasing 30% or so faster then the rest of the world and their obvious lack of natural resources, Africa needs to get their population under control. Disease is another thing they need to desperately get under control, both of which can be solved with the use of more condoms. And a lack of condoms is not the issue. They are too uneducated to see what their doing to themselves. Heck alot of them believe to get rid of aids all they have to do is have sex with an infant baby! So pour all resources into education

  • Absolutely not, sport competitions are needed.

    Competing in sports does not only release energy from our bodies but it also releases stress from our minds. Participating in sports will make these people forget about their bad situations for a little while and allow them to be engaged in something other than their concerns about food shortage, disease or crimes and violence. It might cost some resources but sport competitions are a great way to bring a community closer together and release the frustrations of the African people.

  • Um not really

    If they are a more capitalist country in Africa they could benefit from a lot of tourism if events are being held there; and they're safe. If they are smart capitalism can shoot African to the top of the region. Look at how much countries benefit off of tourism from the world cup. I think if they are smart capitalism can help like crazy, just look how India benefited.

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