Is Oscar Pistorius guilty of murdering (yes) Reeva Steenkamp, or was it a case of mistaken identity (no)?

  • He lost control in a heated argument and shot her knowingly

    As time goes on with Pistorius' trial it becomes clear that he is a hot headed, egoistic person to the highest degree. His conduct with Reeva's mum ( the fact the he did not look into her eyes ) shows that he is not truly remorseful. All his illness is a well rehearsed fake.

  • Did you hear that!!!

    Oscar was in the room with her, heard a noise and didn't ask
    "Did you hear that!"
    He states he was totally convinced it was a burglar, you would check 100% that Reeva was there first!!
    He certainly wasn't bothered that she hadn't sat up and spoke to him, or responded to him. That just will never ever make sense.
    He was taking his gun for heavens sake!!

  • It appears he is guilty

    There are more and more holes coming out in Pistorious's defense and it is becoming more and more apparent that he is guilty. It is a sad story that a guy with so much hope and inspiration has fallen so quickly. In the end I think the truth will come out and he is guilty.

  • He Shot Her

    While semantics can be important, I think the heart of this case is the fact that he shot her and we all know that as fact. He may have been shooting at a "robber" or trying to be protective, but all in all, he made a huge mistake. I think his actions were negligible, given he didn't even check for her location before firing off rounds in the apartment. He's guilty.

  • They had a fight.

    Yes, Oscar Pistorious is guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp, because they were clearly in the middle of an argument when the shots were fired. She ran into the bathroom and she took her phone. If she hadn't taken her phone, she might not have been in there to hide from him. He was mad at her and he shot her because he thought he was invincible.

  • No, Pistorius likely believes he had shot an intruder.

    From what information is provided on the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, it is believable that his act of shooting and killing Reeva Steenkamp was an act of mistaken identity. There is simply not enough evidence to support the accusation that Pistorius had motives to intentionally murder his girlfriend or that the murder was premeditated.

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