Is Oscar Pistorius's story about the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp believable?

  • Oscar's story makes the most sense

    Who has crazy passionate screaming matches like that only 12 weeks into a relationship? Her phone was with her in the toilet possibly to light the way. His back was turned on her when she went to the bathroom, with the fans blasting directly in his face. He was vulnerable. Why would he check on her after he heard the noise when he had JUST spoken to her and was certain she was still in the bed. This happened so quickly .. Lots of bad judgement on his part - but it doesn't mean he intentionally murdered her. I sleep in shorts and a t-shirt. I don't own PJs. All the comments above cover all the other aspects.. Keep an open mind everyone - innocent until proven guilty, and Nel is not proving any kind of intention. I would first believe someone made a bad decision based on paranoia and 'wanting to be the man' - than I would believe that they argued so heatedly that she hid from him and he shot at her with intention to hill. Too far fetched, too sensationalist.

  • I believe that it was a mistake

    It seems that SA is a dangerous place and a lot of people are paranoid about intruders. It's possible that he heard a noise and in a paranoid state, thought it was an intruder, and it's possible that Reeva, on hearing him shouting from in the toilet, also assumed someone had come in and OP was confronting them, which is why she locked the door and stayed quiet, which is why he didn't realise she was there. Why would he shoot at her even if they were arguing? He wasn't intoxicated or anything, even if you believe he didn't care about Reeva, why would he do that to himself, putting himself in the position he's in now? It makes more sense that he was paranoid about intruders and, adrenaline pumping, got it totally wrong with tragic consequences. Still, it was very stupid of him and it isn't right to go shooting anyone without at least first checking who it is or what they are doing. Even if it had been an intruder, he would still be partially in the wrong for killing someone blindly (e.G it could have been a kid messing about or a friend playing a prank even if it wasn't Reeva). There is no doubt that he should have checked.

  • I am inclined to believe him.

    I think Oscar Pistorius's story is very believable. Try to put yourself in his position on that night. In spite of your recent fame as the blade runner, you are still an individual with a significant disability. Your emotional make up is still that of a man who is not "whole". You may be insecure inside and tend to over compensate. It is very believable that it happened as he said.

  • Blinded by panic

    I've been in utter and complete panic in a situation before. I believe the adrenalin rush can be so great it can cause a sort of tunnel vision where you can't think and you can't see anything around you. I believe that was OP's state of mind. I don't think he thought about Reeva at all, possibly not even aware of her being there that night. Extreme fear and panic can overtake a person's mind causing them to do irrational acts that seem incredibly stupid and unbelievable to others.

  • Not at all beliveable

    If I had a gun and I thought someone was in my bathroom I would have shouted out that I had a gun pointed at the door. I would have also checked to see where my girlfriend was. It was as simple as saying are you in the bathroom Reeva? I hear noises in there and I want to be sure it is you not a burglar. He shot 4 times at a closed door not knowing where his girlfriend was. Absolutely ridiculous. He should have tried to get this case hear in Florida, where you can shoot first and ask questions later all the time. Hopefully they have a judge that is not a complete idiot and gun nut that can see this was totally unjustifiable.

  • Lying to save his life!

    It's the neighbors testimony about hearing an argument and screaming that sold me on it. ..Plus her wearing her street clothes and having 2 cell phones in the bathroom. She caught him looking at porn and that stared the fight. Any woman would be insulted if that happened while they were in bed together. I think he had her at gunpoint and that is the only reason she couldn't leave the house. Remember he has stumps! I think when she got dressed to leave he held her hostage with a gun. Remember she didn't even have time to call for help while in that bathroom so she wasn't there long. Reeva needed to listen to warnings from other people and she didn't so she is too blame as well for what happened to her. Guns, Temper, Jealousy, Mental Abuse and ALL in only 3 1/2 months. WOW

  • No credible in the least.

    Look, two of his close friends testified that he fired a shot out of the sunroof of his car and he says no, it never happened, they are lying. Seriously? Why would those two witnesses lie? Reeva herself testified through her chat messages that she was at times afraid of his angry outbursts. He is not credible in the least. Reeva was shot while standing up in the toilet with the toilet door locked! How many people lock the toilet door in the middle of the night with no lights on and remain standing next to the toilet??? Nobody does people. This is not even close to being a credible account. He shot her after they'd been arguing - it's that simple.

  • No I dont think his story is believable

    I think the facts all show that his story did not happen:
    1) There was internet connections past ten pm, when he said they were sleeping
    2) The neighbors heard screaming and an argument
    3) She was in full clothes, not clothes that people wear to bed, clearly she had not just woken up from sleep
    4) she locked the bathroom door with phones inside, noone does that who just wakes up from sleep and is going to the bathroom
    5) there was proof there was food in her stomach two hours before her death, which shows she was not sleeping
    6) one neighbor said they saw the light on in the bathroom
    7) they also checked her bladder and she had not just used teh bathroom
    8) she was standing and obviously was there to protect herself from him, thats why she was in defensive position
    9) most ballistic experts say she would have screamed after the first bullet
    10) there was blood in the bedroom as well, indicating that more had happened
    11) there was some indiaction from here text messages that he can have tantrums, and be scary

  • No I don't beleive it

    I don't believe his story of what happened. If you know someone else is with you (supposedly in bed) wouldn't you check to make sure it's not them in the bathroom first? I wouldn't hear a noise in the bathroom and fire without making sure my wife did not get up to pee. Story has too many holes in it.

  • No, his story is not believable.

    Oscar Pistorius's story about shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp is not believable. Neighbors state that they heard Reeva's screaming for help prior to the shooting. It is also not believable that if Mr. Pistorius had thought there was an intruder in his home that he would shoot through a closed bathroom door rather than calling the police or simply leaving.

  • No, Oscar's story is not believable.

    I do not think that Oscar Pistorius's story about the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkkamp is believable. I think that there are way too many flaws and variable in his story that make it unbelievable. I do not believe anything about this story. I think that he will be found guilty.

  • It is not a believable story

    When you look at his story closely, it falls apart. His time frame of when he was home, when she was home, etc, does not fit. A witness reported hearing Reeva scream, and then shots, indicating that she at least had time to recognize him and he should have recognized her. Also, his behavior in court has been suspect.

  • Absolutely 100 percent GUILTY

    I can't believe people even think he's innocent. He has a temper which has been accepted by his friends and family. He went too far this time. Why did he lie about when they ate dinner? Who locks the bathroom when they go to the toilet in the middle of the night? If you heard a noise in the the next room, what would be your first reaction? You'd immediately reach for your partner.

  • Why would she lock the door?

    If I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in my own home (or my boyfriends home) I certainly don't lock the bathroom door???? Why would she lock the bathroom door at that time in the morning with only her boyfriend in the house. Makes me wonder.

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