• Yes, it demonstrates competency.

    Yes, the OSSLT is necessary, because it demonstrates that a student is competent. A standardized test that certifies that these students have a basic understanding of reading and writing is a good thing for students and for employers. Employers and institutions of higher education will know that these students are competent, and care hire them with confidence.

  • Waste of time, and everything.

    I don’t really see a point of Osslt, because we have subjects to teach us everything, so we don’t really need to test our skills, also we have cams that shows if we are good enough or not, people who aren’t they do it again, and people who are passes, so I don’t see a point, I only see it as negative, because it puts a lot of stress on students, and they have to worry about a new thing now, first midterms, exams, tests, quiz, and now this test, which you need to pass to graduate, like how stupid is that. It seems lame, because no one has that much time to do everything, and people like to spend time with there parents also, not just study the whole time.

  • OSSLT or any other compulsory standardized tests are not necessary

    In my opinion OSSLT or any other compulsory standardized tests are not necessary. The purpose of the test should be one of determining the capacity and potential of each person, however the standardized tests are usually overtly generalized and insufficiently precise to be able to fit the views and abilities of each individual taking the test. Hence taking the OSSLT is not necessary as it can misrepresent the knowledge one person contains.

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