• It is the fairest

    Our capitalist is the fairest of economic systems. This system allows everyone to work for them selves and to benefit from the work they put in for themselves. It allows one person to be a in any class they want as long as they put in work. You can either be rich or you can be poor. This is the fairest system we could ask for.

    Posted by: CFS
  • Are we Safe?

    Yes we are is the brutal answer to that question. Most people have a job and unemployment is at a record low, we are heading in the right direction and people are still looking at the past. We should be looking ahead to the future. Everybody now has the right to vote, to change what they want as they see fit, so yes our capitalist economic status is fine and works- not perfectly but good enough to get everybody by.
    Everybody won when everybody won.

  • Only as fair as coerced economic slavery can be.

    People do not deserve jobs. They deserve the right to express their own will. They deserve the right to pursue their own happiness. They deserve nutrients, resources, space and time to develop their will and pursue their happiness.

    The current economy acts in a way that bends the will of the people. It should act in a way that expresses their will.

    Our economy is an unfair resource voting system. It is a system of voting that only people with money are allowed to vote. Each persons vote is also weighted based on the amount of money they have. Money should represent the needs and will of the people. Money should begin in the hands of the people, then it would act more like the blood of our bodies, supplying nutrients and resources for the development of every living cell in every organ of the body. Then we would all vote on the things  we would like to continue into the future. Good businesses would benefit the a lot if everyone could vote for what they would choose. I think that a basic universal income would work well if new money goes directly to the hands of the people, causing inflation, lowering the value of the old money, which eliminates the need to tax the old money. Governmental bodies would also use new money (to express collective will)....... What do you think?

    Everybody wins, when everybody wins.

  • Capitalism is not fair.

    Capitalism in itself is not a fair system. Capitalism in every form has and always will have people at the top controlling the people on the bottom like a bunch of slaves. Some people may argue that a person can quit their job at any time, but this just simply is not true because if they were to just quit their job than they would simply just not be able to survive. People should always have the right to control their own lives and under capitalism that just isn't the case.

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