• I killed coal

    Is our human adding a few weeks to my friends?

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  • Yes it is

    Coal is literally killing us. Burning coal to generate electricity causes pollution and global warming. If we pollute the entire earth, then our air and water will be contaminated, thus killing us. We need to get away from fossil fuels as fast as possible so the Earth has time to heal itself.

  • Yes, it is terrible

    Yes, coal is killing us. It is such a dirty substance. They try to say it's clean coal, but that's not accurate because there's no such thing. If anything, it's 'cleaner' coal. About 45% of our energy comes from coal. It is harmful to the earth and is definitely a major contributor to global warming.

  • It is dirty.

    Yes, it is killing us. Most of our power is coming from coal. Even though they say it is clean coal, they are misleading. No coal is ever clean. It might be cleaner than other coal we have access to but it is all bad. It is a major pollutant and is keeping our dependency on fossil fuels alive which needs to change.

  • Mining and burning coal damage the environment.

    The burning of coal creates greenhouse gases, which stay within the atmosphere, trapping light as heat which increases the Earth's temperature. Also, the environment must be damaged in the process of mining coal. Also burning coal itself creates fumes that are dangerous to breathe in. Don't believe me? Try living next to one of those plants.

  • Coal is by no means evil.

    Just because it is a fossil fuel that doesn't mean that it is bad for the environment. I live in Washington state, more specifically Whatcom county, where we are currently debating about whether or not to ban coal, and trains that ship coal in Whatcom county.
    But the reality of it is that COAL IS NOT ACTUALLY BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. The coal we produce here in Whatcom county is some of the most clean burning, and efficient burning coal IN THE WORLD.
    Coal is one of the few goods that America Exports to other countries for a profit. It employs thousands of Americans by creating jobs and giving us a source of income. {pretend for a minute that you live in my county, lets say the bill passes and we can't export coal. Do you honestly think that that will stop our main buyers from buying it? No. They will buy another countries 'dirty coal' coal that is much worse for the environment. But our 'clean coal' burns less pollution than 'dirty coal' there is nothing we can do to stop the usage of coal altogether, but the alternative is to let them burn more pollution into the air.

  • Coal is a necessary evil.

    We are weaning ourselves from coal, and until that time, we need to make do with what we have. The addiction is not killing us, but it is just making us a little sicker than we were in the past. Coal will either run out, or we will find an alternate source of energy.

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