• Yes, our culture is taking Christ out of Christmas.

    Our culture today has a heightened concern with tolerance and not offending people. This is all well and good, but it unfortunately lessens the significance of one of the most sacred holidays of Christianity. Things such as saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" show how our culture has partially abandoned the religious aspect of the holiday, which is what the holiday is supposed to be all about.

  • Yes They Are

    Yes, I think the culture is taking Christ out of Christmas in that the religious significance of the holiday is no longer as important to people. The holidays in our culture tend to focus on family and loved ones and less on what the religious base for it has often been. This just reflects the changing times.

  • We are indeed, as we should.

    We as a nation are indeed taking Christ out of Christmas, and for good reason. Christmas no longer is a Christian holiday. It has over the years become something much more than that. It transcends its religious roots and becomes a greater event. We do not need Christ to celebrate it.

  • How is that even possible?

    The word is CHRISTmas! Who goes around calling it just mas? Are you kidding me? This imaginary war on Christmas has to stop NOW. You know who's taking Christ out of Christmas? CHRISTIANS are! They're the ones promoting Santa Claus. They're the ones running out on Black Friday pushing and shoving instead of loving thy neighbor! They're the ones worrying more about presents then prayers.

  • Christ Is Still Part of Christmas

    The religious aspect of Christmas is still alive and recognized by many. Millions of people go to Church on Christmas and pray with family and friends on the holiday. There are also many of religious movies and Cartoons that mention Jesus and God in them. Christ is still very much a part of Christmas.

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