Is our culture 'taking the Christ out of Christmas?'

  • Christ is the reason for the season!!!!!

    Christmas " Christ's birth" is the reason we celebrate Christmas! Gift giving at Christmas goes back to the Bible when three wise men brought GIFTS to baby Jesus! That's the reason millions of Christians every year go Christmas shopping to share and give gifts to others! Corporations, stores, franchises, bank billions of dollars every year off Christians shopping for x-mas presents! If there were no Christmas, they would be broke, as this is when they bring in their huge profits! Unfortunately society, corporations, big name stores are afraid of offending non Christians and take Christ out of Christmas! Making it a Holiday! Holiday of what I ask?? That fancy word Holiday is Christmas! Call it for what it is!! If you don't celebrate Christmas fine! Why ruin it for those that do? I am offended when stores take "Christ" out of Christmas and still want me to shop there! Awful to take Christmas and make it into something its not and want us Christians to say nothing and support it!

  • Yes, for a good reason

    Taking the Christianity out of Christmas is a good thing. You may say why? I'll tell you. The average American spends a great deal of money, it being given to friends. Not all Americans are Christian. If the Christ was put back in Christmas, less people would celebrate it, and that could hurt the economy.

  • Christmas has become too commercialized

    This is a point that has become sad, but unfortunate reality. I think the media has taken the "Christ out of Christmas", and has made it far too commercial that what it really needs to be. People should still be aware of what exactly Christmas is and what it represents.

  • Yes, and it's not right.

    Christmas is about the birth of Christ. If someone doesn't believe that, or doesn't wish to celebrate it that way, that's their business. However, they shouldn't object to the religious aspect of the holiday either. We're trying, as a society, to whitewash Christmas, and make it about the gifts and other secular aspects, when it should be focused on the birth of Christ.

  • But this isn't a bad thing.

    There are quite a few people who are celebrating Christmas without Christ. The phrase 'happy holidays' is spreading, removing specific religious association from general well wishes during the holiday season. More small bits and pieces like this are continuing to occur publicly- and this is good. It better represents who all celebrates Christmas, after all.
    Of course, this doesn't remove the Christian element of Christmas for those who want to celebrate it this way. There are still masses and nativity scenes and appropriately themed music, and churches will continue to celebrate this way- and that's a good thing too. If you wish to celebrate Christmas in relation to Christianity, you should. It's just that non-Christian celebration and cheer should be acknowledged as well.

  • No, but it should be.

    Christ hasn't been in Christmas in decades. It's only the recent religious attention being given to the subject lately that's keyed the public into the whole issue. If anything, Christmas is getting more Christ-y... and regrettably so, I might add. It should be about giving and being together.

  • Christ is Still Associated with Christmas

    Christ is still a big part of Christmas. People still pray on Christmas and millions still go to church on Christmas. A lot of Christmas songs still mention Christ as well. The religious aspect is still very much a part of Christmas and the way people go about celebrating the holiday. Could Christ be mentioned more? Sure, but he hasn't gone anywhere.

  • No Not Really

    The idea that we are taking Christ out of Christmas is not a new one. The intense religiosity around Christmas has long been contested in the country. But as long as people are being kind, generous, and thoughtful to one another than we have nothing to worry about. These are the ideas Christmas celebrates most.

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mikimii says2013-09-10T20:19:16.960
Actually Christ was never in Christmas to begin with. The origin of Christmas is actually pretty brutal. Christmas has always been a holiday for the people BY the people. It's not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, and Jesus Christ was most likely not born in December at all. As a Christian myself I acknowledge Jesus Christ everyday. Also, I'm fairly sure if one reads the book that is the Bible they'll come to an understanding that God probably doesn't want you celebrating Christmas at all. Although I'm not condemning anyone for celebrating it.