Is our current judicial system in the U.S. too lax on repeat offenders?

  • Judicial System Repeat

    I personally think that judicial system in the U.S. which lax on repeated offenders which they should have more of a punishment and it should fit their crime that they caused. I personally think that judicial system in the U.S. should be where an individual have penalties and the government gets down to business.

  • Current Judicial System Needs Reforms

    There are several reforms the American judicial system needs. First, it must focus on violent offenders. There must be stiffer penalties for violent offenders so they can't victimize any more citizens. Second, non-violent crimes should have fines for penalties rather than jail time. It doesn't take much to garnish someone's wages. Repeat offenders should be punished more, but the punishment must also fit the crime.

  • Mandatory minimum sentences

    Mandatory minimum sentences are among the worst laws on the books today, and they are incredibly unfair to repeat offenders who can't possibly defend themselves due to the very high costs of doing so. The prison population in the US is far higher than it needs to be already, why make it even worse.

  • The U.S. judicial system is not wanting for punitive measures

    Some may argue that the rate of recidivism within the United States judicial system is an indication that punitive measures are not extreme enough. I don't believe that to be the case. Rather, I believe the argument must be approached from a different view altogether. It is not a lack of punishment that brings so many criminals back into imprisonment, but the lack of any serious rehabilitation.

  • Justice System Broken

    It is my personal opinion that the United States judicial system is broken. It is impossible to assess rather the system is too lax on repeat offenders because outcomes can vary widely depending on where a person is being processed. Secondly we charge and imprison many people who are far worse off in prison.

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