Is our current president in America a good president?

Asked by: MindfulThinker
  • Trump is amazing!

    When trump was elected, many of the Liberal News Media tried to corrupt your innocent minds by saying he was a "rapist" and "easy to lose his temper". But none of this is true. Trump has done only great things for this country. You think he is racist and "wants to get rid of all Mexicans". Well first of all, Donald Trump is welcoming all immigrants into this country, but if people sneak drugs and diseases into the country, he wants to stop that so you idiots will not die. Second of all, it's not only Mexicans. There are more immigrants trying to get into this country illegally but the ocean is blocking them off. ALSO, Trump has created more jobs in America than all the other presidents combined, and it's only his second year! If Trump was SOOOOOO bad than why did you vote for him? Exactly.

  • He has done many things right

    He has created jobs, He ended the North and South Korea war, And he's fighting to keep the second amendment. Yet people treat him like the worst president ever to be had. I don't find him as good as bush but if Hilary Clinton became president we would most likely have no guns and many terrorist would be here right now.

  • So many good things.

    Tho his first attempt to replace the epic failure of Obama Care was unsuccessful, he has rolled back on some of the negative side effects. A combination of reducing restrictions and placing fair taxes on industry has grown the job market and reduced unemployment to record lows. Renegotiating trade deals that had put us at a disadvantage has upset the market but not stopped it from growth. He has taken a stand against illegal immigration. Aided the military to function and has put ISIS on the run. North Korea has gone from being a determined nuclear threat to people willing to come to the table. He has even kept a campaign pledge that other past presidents on both sides failed, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    These factors alone would be enough to proclaim his success but he has done all that while battling an unjust investigation and the fake news media.

  • Hes a cooooooooooooooooool duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude

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  • Donald Trump is a great president

    Donald Trump is fabulous president because he has worked out amazing trade deals with Canada and mexico, He has removed many illegal immigrants from America, He has made peace with North Korea, He has boosted the American economy to record heights and he is able to stand up to the media.
    Good job Trump!

  • We can not focus too much on personality.

    I honestly find several things about his personality outrageous. I am against some of his remarks as well. But this is traits to his personality, and in my opinion, that is not a important factor when it comes to being a leader. The president of the United States does not need to be nice and charming, but that does not mean he can not have these traits as well.
    Trump has done things that many of us would oppose, but saying something horrible about an opponent, does not necessarily make him a terrible president.
    He follows his promises as good as possible, just as Obama did, and Bush and Clinton before him. President Trump does not rule everything himself, his main job is to set the congress' decisions in motion. You could say that he is a CEO, but not the owner.
    But let us take a look at the positives about Donald Trump's presidency. I am a big fan of his work with North Korea. Even though the relationship between the two leaders have been turbulent, Trump has secured a meeting with the Kim Jong-Un.
    The relationship between the US and Russia was also fairly bitter during the last year of Obama's presidency. The situation in Syria has been a set-back, but Trump gets along with Putin in a much better way than Obama did.
    Many have been opposing the attack on some Syrian industrial areas. But we need to remember what these areas was used to do, making chemical weapons, which have been used against Syrian civilians. The attack was reported to Russia 48 hours (I think. It might be 24 hours) before it took place, and the workers were evacuated. Like it or not, the US, as well as the other participants, did it to stop potential chemical attacks in the future.
    The economy has also seen a growth during the presidency of Donald J. Trump.
    I do not agree with everything he has done, for example his climate politics, but I hope that those who oppose the statement we are debating, can see some of the positives that this presidency has brought. I do not affiliate with the Republicans, nor the Democrats. No president can make everyone happy, but I do not think the president needs to be perfect, not even great, to do a good job

  • Trump is the opposite of good

    At the end of the day, the only life Trump values is his own. He does what he does to make himself look good, but he is not interested in being altruistic. His main engine is his ego, and for a man in his early 70s, he has the temperment of a middle school bully. His whole presidency has been about undoing everything Obama has done. He needs to leave the White House!

  • Trump is not

    Trump is not a good pres
    1. Calls immigrants "animals"
    2. Calls less developed countries "shithole countries"
    3. Does nothing when a school has a shooter other that apologizes and said that this should have never happened and that the person who did it was mentally disabled
    4. Fires everyone
    5 lies a lot if you take the number of confirmed lies he has said during his presidency and divide it by the number of days he has been in office he has lied about four times a day

  • He is a dreadful leader.

    Donald Trump had no prior political experience. His time in office has been filled with false and unfilled promises (few of which were actually not just selfish). Wall? No. Immigrants? No. And either way, it makes sense not wanting immigrants coming from other countries for free unless they are a refugee (it annoys me because my parents paid to come to Australia, and they came from a country much poorer than Mexico), but generalising an entire group of people does not exactly solve the problem. Refugees should be screened, not banned. But all in all, Trump is a racist, idiotic, num-brained moron.

  • He is the worst

    He took part of the election as a joke. This is already enough to say that he is far too incompetent for being a president. A wall is ridiculous, They can use a boat around it. He is simply a child playing president as a game, He doesn't take it seriously.

  • No, not really

    The only thing he has really done in office is undo everything Obama did in his two terms that he possibly could. That's basically it. I mean, he has already been voted the worst president ever. Maybe he could turn his presidency around at some point, but I seriously doubt it.

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