• Yes It Is and Men, Too!

    While sex is certainly an important part of life, all things should be in moderation. Not everything in life should be viewed through the filter of sex. Our hypersexualized culture turns women into objects for the consumption of the male gaze. And children do not often have a period of innocence in their lives before they are subjected to what their body offers.

  • Yes

    Women's role in society has been perpetuated as that of nothing more than a body and a sexual being. This impact is damaging to women, children, and men within our society because all seem to be loosing out on the attributes of women that are not sexual such as the intellectual skills under developed by most women due to the lack of social support.

  • Hypersexualized Culture is Damaging Women and Children

    Our society is changing rapidly and not always for the better. Hypersexualized behavior is very damaging to our women and children. The sexual revolution that began many years ago played a huge part in this type of behavior. We still need to take a long look at the cause in order to protect our people.

  • Yes to men and women alike.

    Men an women are being set up for unrealistic standards, Which is damaging to our mental health. It also robs our children of their innocence. Men feel less than if they can't perform or meet expectations. Sex is nothing to be taken lightly. Since it isn't being taken seriously STI rates are rampant, Abortion rates are up, And people are deemed disposable or worthless if they don't meet a certain standard. We wouldn't need to waste time and resources on abortion if people had more respect for sex. Same thing with STIs

  • Yes Of Course

    Everything around us has become sexualized from the "innocent" tv shows which even kids watch to ads, Billboards etc. Then again the internet is full of inappropriate content which is all very accessible for kids as young as 6! Yet a lot of parents (not all) and law enforcers do not do enough to protect our children. Our youth have become sex driven in thinking only in a sexual manner, Believing that is the the only way to seek pleasure. Society has lost a sense of morality and its only up to the parents or guardians to really go out of their way to protect their children in a mature and correct way. The people who oppose this and encourage it are those who want society to be hypersexualised as it serves their own satisfaction

  • Yes and Men as well

    Take a look at studies involving pornography on google scholar. ~70% of men and almost all boys are viewing it now. 95% of pornography is abusive towards women. Now looking at the nofap movement, The people who were able to not look at pornography over a year is (what appears to be) less than 1%. What is the top side effect of viewing pornography? Not being able to maintain relationships. What has happened to the family dynamic in america? Well people can't even stay together anymore to have one. I think our hypersexualized culture has a lot to do with the internet and the advent of pornographic web material. So the simple solution is to regulate ISPs and the internet. . . Except the vast majority of people would disagree to that. Even our laws prevent it. I wonder why. . .

  • Yes, it is

    Yes, it is. If you are demisexual or asexual, sometimes it gets quite hard to deal with. And I generally hate the fact that people make everything about sex and that people are so often just sex-driven animals. I find that kind of sad, and - being demisexual - sometimes quite overwhelming.

  • Of Course it is!

    Many criminal businesses succeed financially on the sex industry. This is because the widespread media is creating mentally sick people to fuel this behavior. People think this is normal, but honestly should do some hard thinking and realize that throughout human history, men and women have bonded monogamously as a means of survival and to create the best society possible.

  • Yes because it is affecting everyone

    It is just sad in my years of education since grade school; it has been natural to talk about "sex experiences". I think this is not a matter of being an adult or young. I think it is a matter of controlling and taming our words, deeds and actions. And monitoring what our children view on the internet.

  • Sexuality is a natural part of the human experience, but the commoditization of sexuality we see today is unnatural and damaging to society.

    I don't think it's as easy a choice as just turning the channel or choosing to not look at internet porno. The world today is literally inundated with bizarre sexual imagery and language. Today we have girls posting these weird soulless selfies of themselves that look more robotic than human, hook up culture which promotes casual sex rather than true bonds and dating sites where people sell themselves as if they were objects. Ironically these things work together to make the act of sex less enjoyable. It just cheapens the experience. I mean, what the hell happened to romance?

  • No, sex is a natural part of life

    The overtly sexual culture that we see today is not damaging if we fully accept it. It is damaging when we show children these sexual images, but do not correctly and accurately portray them. Sex is a part of life and should be not hidden. We show sex, but continue to cover it up with these emotions of shame which sends mixed messages and this messes with children.

  • No, lack of basic necessities and a lack of education is hurting children.

    We are way too hung up on this whole children are exposed to too much sex spiel, despite violent crime and rape being at a historical low. It's not even a new thing, past generations have been clutching their pearls over this since time imemorial. Lack of money, support, and education are what hurt children. Not exposure to sex. We should be demanding an end to child poverty, instead we Yammer on and on about a non issue. Kids are going to see sex, no matter how much it's censored. The best thing to do is educate. No child spontaneously combusted from seeing a sex organ, nobody's kid lost their sanity when they saw mommy and daddy bumping uglies at night.

  • Yes, but more so, no

    It cannot damage anyone unless they consent to it. They can decide what they want to watch. They can decide where they want to go. They can decide which sites they visit. They can decide whether or not they want to jump into bed with someone. Freedom of choice. A cornerstone of the modern democracy. Nobody can force you to take part in this aspect of culture, thus, any damage done to women and children are done to them by themselves.

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