• Yes, but you won't like learning what their responsibilities are.

    The primary form of media in this world, or at least in the United States, is by and from private companies. That means the responsibility of the media isn't to inform and educate, it's to turn a profit for the investors of the corporation. By that metric, most media channels are doing a great job of fulfilling their responsibilities.

  • Yes, and then some.

    Our media does an excellent job of keeping others up to date about the news, recent events, and what is going on with stars and sports players. If anything I would say they are too good at their job because the media can go overboard and tell us every detail about a persons life instead of giving them privacy.

  • Media - youtube reddit imgur etc should regulate cyber-bullying

    I don't think that the media is fulfilling its responsibilty to monitor peoples use of it. Cyber Bullying is a big thing of 2013. Slander and negative comments towards people who have no means of standing up for themselves. I am talking about celebrities and their over-exposure through media outlets. I have basically hade enough of seeing negativity towards celebrities - vast groups of people targetting just one person is called bullying.

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