• We are now prepared.

    We are much more prepared today for a terrorist attack then we were in 2011. Our nations security has greatly increased since then and many more security checks have been implemented to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. Since we have experienced something so catastrophic we are ready for it if it is ever tried again.

  • Yes we are much more prepared

    We got caught flat footed when 9/11 happened it's a shame because we had some knowledge that something was coming but our leaders did not act.

    We have better leadership these days under Obama and his staff, we have been though 9/11 and we are experienced with terrorism first hand. We will be ready to take on any challenges that we are forced to face in our great nation.

  • No we are not prepared for another 9/11 attack

    I believe our government has not improved much of anything since then, we have only increased our airport security and the law against weapons. Trump's wall would be the best way to prevent another attack from happening. We are a nation who is ready to respond but not prepared to prevent.

  • No because obama my opinion has welcomed to many muslims in to many high places in our government and to many being allowed in states

    If the department of homeland secured e couldn't vet all of those coming into our country and those that break our laws should be tried and then shipped out of our country and we have many homegrown that would take orders to do us harm places not secure power lines

  • Our government is lazy as fuck and we need a new god dam president in the fucking wight hose

    Obama ant doing shit about the arabs besides putting us Americans in more deet with the chines and help training them on american soil that fucking niger even took away the rebel flag com on now it ant fucking races its fucking heritage get you fucking facts right or go beck to fucking history class thank you good fucking bye

  • It's just too much work

    In order to be able to prepare for another catastrophic event we must be able to put a government/police personnel on pretty much every street corner and building because another OKC bombing, the recent shooting in southern California and Paris attack can happen at any place at any time, and the US federal government just doesn't have the human resources to be able to supply that new high demand. Also, with the new Syrian refugee possible rescue program any refugee could be loyal to ISIS and commence an attack with many others, and even if people say only women and children a women detonated a suicide vest in Paris, killing herself and other innocent civilians. On top of that it would be extremely difficult to commence a search on who every single refugee is and what their story is, so an ISIS militant can easily seem good on the outside and them come in and commence another terrorist attack. But I'm all for helping the less fortunate out, but if it comes with the high risk that is given it's tough to get me to help them out. It's just my opinion that the US isn't ready, but I do hope in the coming months or years that the US is fully prepared for another attack.

  • Police Departments are undermanned and not prepared for a terror attack

    The United States has approximately 790,000 police officers. Based on a study by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, police agencies are not prepared for a terror attack. Most departments are undermanned and do not have full time SWAT teams. Based on the FBI study on possible terrorist attacks, the civilian police will be responsible for the initial response and the initial defense against a terrorist attack. In some cities, police chiefs states that it would take time for a SWAT team to respond. About 40% of street police officers de not carry rifles. Meaning that the initial police response force would have to confront the terrorists with handguns and shotguns. The harm will have been done before a SWAT team could respond.

  • You can never be prepared

    I don't think any country is ever truly "prepared" for a massive assault. The idea is that we can take as many preventative measures as possible and thwart possible attacks, but these things are historically unpredictable, if not unprecedented. When an assault occurs, we will be as quick to action to assist the survivors and the city as we were before, but the rebuilding and grieving process will always remain the same.

  • Thinking we are, is why we aren't.

    No. The simplist answer is no, we could never be prepared for this. In order to do so, we would need prior knowledge of the event. I think an attack via planes- just like on 9-11 is extremely possible. There are now surfacing reports of "dry-runs" or suspicious people on flights who seem to be taking notes of their surroundings while simply acting as if they are up to something. The only reason for them to do so is if they are preparing. And this time, I think it will be harder for the American people to accept all over again.

  • High security will only delay another September 11th...

    It doesn't matter how tight security is, the terrorists will find a way around it. They are a lot smarter than the United States makes them out to be. Will they hijack U.S. Airplanes into buildings again? Highly unlikely. But, they could use there own airplanes, if they get them, which they could. And they could do a mass genocide over New York or Washington. Or, they could drive a car into Manhattan with a bomb in it... There are too many possibilities.

  • We will never be

    The reason I will say we will never be ready is because the terrorists were smart. Most people think when they see a plane in the air, it's not trying to kill us. We were unprepared because when the first plane crashed in the twin tower all madness broke loose. I bet if another terrorist flew in the air right by the Empire State Building we would be unprepared. You might disagree with my opinion but just think about it, next time you see a plane in the air.

  • We Never Can Be

    The reality is that in a society such as the US unless you have a totalitarian state (I am not advocating it) being ready for the next attack, wherever or by whomever is impossible to prepare.
    The multitude of possible scenarios that can be played out are just too great. Maybe we aready for another plane based scenario (but even that I have my doubts).
    A great deal of what is done is purely done for public show, it is largely inaffective - especially that that can be seen.
    Many countries have faced terrorism in different guises for many years, at the end of the day we are dependent on the vigilence of the public and the willingness of security agencies not to discredit people who speak up.

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